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arianagrxnde Oct 9, 2018

i love you but ur taste in men.. pfft REALLY 

Krystiko Oct 4, 2018

Still dunno whether Rin or Saber is better

Anyikilldere Aug 12, 2017

@brokensaint058 😂👍

brokensaint058 Jul 11, 2017

Headstong, talented, cool, calm, collected and intellectually appealing.

Her only sin in life was falling in love with Jezus Christ a twat. After a day's worth of thinking, however, she quickly realized the error of her ways. Then she proceded to dump him and his sorry ideals, turned him into a trading card and sent him off to Fate/Grand Order, never to be heard from again.

What is that? Not canon you say?! Then this puts us in a fantasy, and I like my fantasy stories to stay that way.

DormantDoll Jan 30, 2017

To be honest, I can't stand her. I love Fate/Zero, but I dropped /Stay Night because of her. AND I HAD ONLY WATCHED THE PROLOGUE EPISODE. Sure that isn't a very big chance for the show to prove itself to me, especially considering /Zero took a bit to get good too. And I never really got into Kiritsugu either, but THIS GIRL MAKES ME MAD. She doesn't make any sense, like wtf, she's yelling and pouting and then she's smiling and blushing for literally no reason even when she had JUST met her partner, ughhh