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Four Letter Type: ESFP. 

Enneatype: SX/SO 2w3-8w9-6w7.

Sexuality: Heteroflexible & Demisexual.

Religions: Solitary, Eclectic, Tech Wicca.

University Major: Logistics & Global Operations.

Role Model: Sulli & Lacey Sturm.

Favorite Anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni & Fruits Basket (2019).

Favorite Opening: ADAMAS (Sword Art Online).

Favorite Ending: And I'm Home (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) & Missing Promise (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu).

Favorite Genre: Psychological.

Favorite Character: Satoko Houjou.

Favorite Color: Pink.

Favorite Flower: Rose.

Favorite Artist: Nothing More. 

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xEminX Aug 11, 2022

Hey, how've you been?

raw199 Jul 19, 2022

Hi Are you there

poppyfield Jul 10, 2022


I'm late

But thanks for following me back

Have a wonderful day/night 🤗🤍

Berch Jun 30, 2022

Issei just looks at boobs 90% of the time, he never actually touches out of the random. The curse Raynare put on him makes him too afraid to even ask a girl out, let alone sleep with them. The only reason he touches Rias is because she lets him (She literally uses it as motivation to stop him from getting depressed and quitting, if anything she's the horny one).

I'm not attacking your opinion BTW, I'm just pointing out some things you may have missed when watching the show.

Xairyan Jun 27, 2022

No problem 😀 oh iv had my fair share of 'disagreements' with people on here, some of them are overly aggressive and argue just for the sake of it. Don't take it to heart, keep smiling and be true to yourself. Awww I appreciate the offer but I would never drag u into my mess 😂 but I however im always up for backing u up if u need so don't worry.