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im stardust i love anime like Blue exorcist and Afro samurai also i love the marvel comics my fav is avengers endgame i hope you all have nice day I also like to play the game called azur lane and my favorite is Bismarck she is a total bombshell 

my real name is mason 

if you look at my profile you can tell i am a fan of Godzilla and superheroes and marvel and the boys 

also my favorite voice actor is steven blum


my favorite anime main character is alucard from hellsing

I also love Godzilla 



These are my favorite couples 

Godzilla x mothra 

black Panther x storm

frenchine and kimiko 

eve and invincible

Spider-Man x Mary Jane 

deku x Uraraka

broly x cheelai

One punch man x fubuki

Hughie x starlight 

roger rabbit x Jessica rabbit 

My waifu is yui from the world god only knows and is Io Hasekura from princess connect re dive i also love misato from princess connect re dive



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ashut0sh Jul 24, 2021

Man, you should definitely try Gintama then. It is best comedy anime and has very good fights too. There are no monsters but there are aliens. So, it fulfills your criteria completely. 

Halex Jul 24, 2021

Iskander Thumbs Up

Thanks, you're profile is cool too!

ashut0sh Jul 23, 2021

There are many favourites of mine which you could try like Oregairu, Gintama, Parasyte, Seishun Buta Yarou, Koe no Katachi, Kimi no Na wa, Monogatari series. And currently I am watching Major, so if you like sports anime you can try this. And as you like Alucard, you can try some manhwas like Solo Levelling. 

lenlenlia Jul 23, 2021

awww thank youu >///< 

ashut0sh Jul 23, 2021

Well, thanks.