Aka: Grape Juice

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kanekistoenail Sep 20, 2021

its just as rookblonkorules said it's not only the perviness thats wrong with his character he's just poorly written because rn hes just... there. maybe some development could fix his character? idk

zPriseax Sep 18, 2021

God Mineta!

rainesutcliffe Sep 2, 2021

people be acting like they aren't perverts as well then keeps hating on him lmao

Rookblonkorules Sep 1, 2021

Honestly, I would much rather see him get character development and learn to respect women than get the expulsion others are cheering for, but... it doesn't look like that will be happening and I cannot stand him. 

He's not the worst anime pervert, considering he's creeping on girls his own age who can very easily slap him down (and who do), but since being perverted (and cowardly) makes up his entire personality and those are two traits I cannot stand- especially when paired up together, he is worthless.

AnimeLovingMochi Aug 24, 2021

He is a pervert. That's all i am going to say.