Aka: Grape Juice

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Purple
Rank #2,086
Rank #30

Anime Roles

My Hero Academia Secondary
My Hero Academia 2 Minor
My Hero Academia 3 Minor
My Hero Academia 4 Minor
My Hero Academia: Jump Festa 2016 Special Secondary
My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Minor Non-Speaking Role
My Hero Academia Movie 2: Heroes:Rising Secondary
My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes Secondary
My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead Minor
Peace Sign Minor Non-Speaking Role

Manga Roles

My Hero Academia Secondary
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Minor

Related Characters

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ghyul Nov 29, 2020

what can i say that has not already been said by falcon? minoru mineta is the most perfect character to ever exist, he is what our society should be striving to be like. deku scrub cannot even hope to be on the same level as this true hero. it's so obvious that from day one, was supposed to be the main character, the true underdog. however, kouhei horikoshi is a true genius, and decided to leave minoru mineta in the background of boku no hero academia, only to come out to relieve the tension that the main characters cause. he is left so only the most observant, the most educated of fans, will notice how much of an amazing character he is. the fact that he is one of the most hated is blasphemous and is the 8th deadly sin to exist in this world. i can't imagine what your pathetic lives are like if you can't even understand or appreciate the genius that is this character, i scoff at your mere existence. it is clear that falcon and i, and the 959 other users on this platform are the truly enlightened ones. i will gladly get into arguments with any one of you peasants over this topic because quite frankly, you all seem to have the iq of satoshi from the pocket monsters franchise (ash ketchum for those of you so uneducated) mixed with a potato, and going head to head with you on this would be child's play. so in conclusion, to those of you who are too uneducated to understand, which appears to be many of you, minoru mineta is a work of true genius and we are lucky to have him in the same dimension as us. and yes, i do have a minoru mineta tattoo, and before you ask, no you cannot see it. it's for the lady's eyes only ;). remember to always stay PLUS ULTRA

lesbianjesus Nov 28, 2020

my dream is also to jump into a pool full of scantily-clad women with bountiful breasts...

steponmehisoka Nov 25, 2020

 Mineta is 16, he is just a kid stop hating on him he will be better when he is older but I'm glad tsuyu slapped him 

krogercryptids Nov 20, 2020

annoying as shit, ceo of sexual harrasment 

tendousbandages5 Nov 11, 2020


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