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Asono Feb 19, 2019

This guys backstory was just so well put together. He's hot too lmao

archol Jan 13, 2019

He has one of the greatest backstories in history of fictional characters

veint Jan 11, 2019

 He's the reason why Sasuke became so fucked up and yet is he so popular and Sasuke so hated.

xheng187 Jan 7, 2019

 Some call itachi overrated

But i really loved his character.

At first i dislike him due to only hearing Sasuke's side of story, then his first introduction I was like OMG me like him! 
but still hated him for killing his clan. Then that changes after learning the truth and came to love him even more

itachilover1 Dec 16, 2018

I HATE this character!