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GracePalm346 May 21, 2020

He is so hot I had to add him to loved characters

LimeWire May 19, 2020

Its a very interesting character, he clearly changed his role in the series once he became popular.

Looking close to the guidance Itachi left to his young brother its easy to see that he was originally a vilain. Leaving all the bad writing behind, I still think Itachi is a very good character and everyone enjoys his stances and design.

Even so, I cannot like a character that have such a fanatic and toxic fanbase like this one, Itachi fans are all around social media spreading lies and cursing people who doesnt pray for his God Uchiha. This is literally the only character I know so far to have children turn into zombies like this.

DeepBlueSee May 17, 2020

Sasuke: *acts like a dick all the time*

Everybody loses their s***

Itachi: *Is literally the reason Sasuke is the way he is*

Everybody praises him like a king

stardust2222 May 10, 2020

he went through hell and back