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NightTonight Nov 4, 2018

 The original sad boi. There are tons of facebook groups commited to worshiping him lol bunch of cults. Besides that seems like an alright character

corruptedalien28 Oct 23, 2018

For the people saying that he did everything wrong, he did not have any other choice other than massacring his clan. If he didn not carry that out the Uchiha Clan would turn against Konoha and that would lead to a much worse outcome ( forth ninja war) As a kid when his father Fugaku, took him to see the remains to the third shinobi war he was scared for life and from that point on he became a pacifist. In order to protect Konoha and under the command of Danzou, he carried out the mission by the help of Obito. And for the matter of Sasuke, he had no other choice but either to kill his little brother ( who had no idea about the secret plan of the clan) or to let him live and make Sasuke hate Itachi, so he is the only one to kill him. And Sasuke tbh turned out be such an incredible person. Yes he has his faults but the only reason the Five Allined Nations won fourth the war was because of Naruto and Sasukes duo. Not to mention that he with the help of Orochimaru revived the past hokages. As for itachi he did what he had to do in order for a better future. "The selfless shinobi" I tried to make this as short as possible ._. haha

Krystiko Oct 3, 2018

I'm not an Itach fan boi or anything but he really is a great character. We went from hating him for killing his clan to crying when we learnt about his past and his final goodbye to Sasuke. Truely beautiful.

BumiKS Sep 3, 2018

Overrated character.

Kiwi1994 Aug 26, 2018

I get it that he made such a sacrifice, but how he handled the situation is wrong ... making your young brother live on hatred, and that's during the most crucial part of human developement (childhood & early adolescence), I think this is the reason why Sasuke is a horrible person,

So after killing his brother he thought suddenly everything will be ok? Yeah right ... you can't erase all these negative emotions in few moment by killing someone.

I think if he just killed Sasuke just like how he killed everyone else (there were other innocent children in the clan), it would be much better for both of them, he made Sasuke go through this pain all these years, and he was ruined because I don't think anyone could go through this without being profoundly damaged.

I know this is not a popular opinion, but I wanted to share it any way. (Sorry for my English).