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GracePalm346 Aug 15, 2020

He is so amazing!

zPriseax Aug 2, 2020
Suko12 Jul 29, 2020

he did everything to protect sasuke, he phyiscally and mentally put up obstacles to over come so he wouldn't get used or ran over mentally he purposley lost to sasuke to awaken his mangekyo sharingan, itachi literally was fighting sasuke blind and half dead the only reason he survived as long as itachi uchiha did was because he took pills and he already sustain permanent damage due to overuse of the mangekyo sharingan he di everything to protect the village and the sasuke he is the true shadow hokage who protects the village from the shadows 

itachi uchiha -  “Self-sacrifice…The mark of a true shinobi is that they do not seek glory. They protect from the shadows, Shisui taught me that. Shisui anticipated that a battle would ensue for his eyes'' 

VongolaJuudaime Jul 28, 2020