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iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021

He murdered his entire clan but I still like him. He had a lot of potential too

LoopieSuir Jul 1, 2021

Overrated,Sasuke is way better

Wisteria85 Jun 27, 2021

He could have been so much more but I feel like his writing is just disorienting and inconsistent- trying to make a child torturer (what he did to Sasuke counts as torture) into a sympathetic character with only a sob story is just really lazy writing.

Anyone who can harm a child, watch them scream in pain and cry over their dead family and then continue to hurt them needs more than a 'he had a rough childhood,' 'no other choice' or it was 'only to protect them' to make them likable in my book.

Priprina Jun 14, 2021

At first, I didn't really like this understand why so many people like this character. I mean he is a good character and stayed true to himself even to the end. He still cares for his brother that hated him so much and for that I thought he is a great character. But now after watching a lot of the Naruto series I think that he is very cool, awesome, caring, and a smart character.

Rookblonkorules Jun 6, 2021


Naruto really went downhill once the 'truth' of the Uchiha Massacre came out. Worst written plot twist I have ever seen in my entire life. 

Can't imagine how much emotional pain Itachi went through... please, what about his little brother? Love how the fandom pampers the genocider while hating on the surviving victim.