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LilyNadesico Jan 12, 2021

Itachi is a shit character. Fuck this Gary Stu.

kija999 Dec 24, 2020

bruh i feel for him so bad ): itachi was one of the best shinobis 

Agarlitw Dec 23, 2020

Amazing talent, a beautiful mind, unbelievable sacrifice, incredible self-discipline, meticulous self-awareness, and so on. These are the first things that come to mind when I think about Itachi. This is the only anime character I cried for, even though knowing he was just an imagination. This is the character that gave me the confidence to believe in myself while I was going through the darkest days of my life. I knew the ninja spirit, but I truly learned it from him. I can't give a better example of a mission mindset that is doing all that is necessary than his. With my shallow explanation, there is no way near I praised him enough. I hope have given you a glimpse of who Itachi Uchiha is. To me, Itachi Uchiha should be the most loved character, but unfortunately, he is even hated by some which is quite shocking, because doesn't matter which angle I am looking from, I can't see a reason to hate this guy. What he has done either for his village or his brother was good in the long term and necessary. Some people have mentioned what he did to his brother was brutal. Yeah, it was brutal, but it was necessary to do. It doesn't matter what Itachi did, Sasuke would have hated someone, maybe even would have found the truth earlier, and hated the village, and tried to destroy it. But when he looked bad, Sasuke didn't need to try to find out any other reasons. What he believed was his brother was evil, and he gotta avenge his parents. This purpose of his gave him an amazing reason to improve himself, and with the hatred he had, his Sharingan became very strong. There is a lot to say, but let's end here. This came from directly from my heart, because I love this character so much. And I want to thank you for spending your precious time reading it.

LoliSenpai5 Oct 9, 2020

To me i think he is only love because of his backstory and him being badass. He okay, he wasn't supposed to be a good guy untill last minute change.