Aka: Lalatina Ford DUSTINESS

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SerendipityGrimoire Oct 11, 2018

An anime character and/or a sick person, Tsumin.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 9, 2018

Who the flying fuck would enjoy rape and abuse?

SerendipityGrimoire Oct 8, 2018

The two comments below are very understandable, which is why I don't like her on a serious level. My loved characters list is entirely comprised by waifu material, and she is exactly that, so I added her anyway. Basically, she is a trashy character, but she is a great waifu.

Mio Jul 17, 2018

This character is disgusting. How can someone create a character addicted to rape and domestic abuse? I'm appalled. 

edelbrock443 Apr 12, 2018

No "huge breasts" tag?