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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

Albert Camus


Welcome to my profile! 


Please enjoy some music to listen to during your stay here.  

I'm Jypsel, an avid traveler, teacher and lover-of-all-things-nerdy.  I read voraciously.  I'm on the hunt to watch the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. I like being barefoot, exploring new places, studying languages (dead and modern), learning about cultures and being in forests.  I want to see the world and learn everything there is to know. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowlege. I document a lot of my travels on my Instagram.    In my free time, I'm a magical girl. 

My absolute favorite genre is shoujo-ai.  I feel like it's massively underrepresented so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. 🤍

I'm not so active on here anymore other than to track series.  If I haven't responded to your comment, I apologize! 

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Lazythinker Oct 8, 2020

I have thought the same thing

SecretOtaku Sep 14, 2020

Yes, thank you, it was very enjoyable.  It was a cold weather, which was rare in Myanmar, we went trecking, looked at a couple of gardens and visited small pagodas.  All in all, very enjoyable.  I milked a cow for the first time in my life actually!  Ooh, El Salvador?  How was that, did you enjoy it?  Well, I hope you do find time for yourself and I am glad you enjoy your career!  

Though orginally they were planning to open it in two weeks, Myanmar has experieced a recent surge of corona virus cases.  Before only one person has died due to this, but now with the second wave, there have been much more cases resulting in deaths, though I cannot remember the exact number.  Lock down is harsher now than ever before but still will obviously prove useless to areas like in HlaingTharYar township (some areas are slums and do not have actual houses).  Since Myanmar is still a developing country, there are many places like that.

Yes, I think with masks and any other precautions, even when going back to school, it wouldn't feel normal.  I do believe I am having a great start, at least, compared to last year.  Which was full of poor self-managment and procrasination, resulting in less than average grades.  Now, I have attended all my classes this years and for that I am proud of myself!

mydarlin Sep 5, 2020

oh heck yeah! i love this kid. hes hilarious and seemingly yuki's first real friend! its just so nice to see someone who isnt all the way "I HATE YUKI" or all the way "I LOVE YUKI" just a cool bro who like him and genuinely wants to get to know him. 10/10 in my opinion.

Minjiuto Sep 5, 2020

Oh geez! No worries. School starts later for me, so I don't really have a lot to do at home but my leisure activities! Nah, I'm not that good at drawing. There are tons of other people that are much better. However, that doesn't stop me from making art. I also definitely need to work on my landscape and backgrounds on my art. I just draw anime for fun once in a while. I wonder, which one is more stressful for you personally as a teacher? Online school or just regular school?

You don't need to respond right away! Please take your time. 😊

mydarlin Sep 2, 2020

hi hi! thats amazing that you're teaching! especially during these times, teachers deserve so much praise (although im a bit biased since my mother is a teacher).

my school is wacky, we are doing "cohorts". kinda feels like harry potter but less cool because the cohorts dont compete. i also just became a full IB student (if you dont know what that is, it just means big worky worky) and im freaking out over how much time im not going to have. when will i watch anime?? I JUST STARTED!

yes! im still watching fruits basket, but im getting so impatient! i just want to see what happens, but i have to wait for new episodes! but oh. my. god. the most recent one, episode 22, was a frickin whirlwind. (spoiler if anyone else is reading this although why would you read this thats kinda weird) but yuki being all tOhrU iS mY mOm made me laugh SO HARD. im lucky that im not one of those die hard yuki-tohru shippers (im sure there's a name but i do not know it) because that would have been devestating for me. i think thats an amazing move for the show to pull though, because it makes so much more sense!! and im happy watching them have that relationship instead (even though im sure many people are NOT). adding on to that, its a nice segway for him to move on to a possible relationship with Machi! i feel like they could connect on a *my parents are not so great* level. but so many people hate her!! it makes me so upset. they're all "oOh shes just an irrelevent character to get yuki out of the love triangle" but i think yuki did that all on his own by coming to the aforementioned mom-clusion. i even made a new character list just for the purpose of telling people to be less mean to her (im getting obsessed with making lists, they make me so happy for some reason??)

another thing! wow im talking a lot and im not even done, oh boy! i think im in love with rin (shes also on a couple lists of mine). like watching her character develop made me just want to be able to comfort her with a good hug (as our dear tohru is able to). i just want to fix everything for her and be there for her. but also actually getting to know her made me realize that shes just a really genuine person who seems fun to be around when shes doing well. and when shes not doing well ILL STILL BE THERE. i. will. BE THERE. its a weird combination of my maternal instincts are kicking in and shes very hot i like her a lot (that rhymes!) i have to literaly sit myself down and be like "hey nora" oh my name's nora by the way "hey nora these people arent real!" so thats a thing! thats...happening. 

lastly! i read all of the yona of the dawn manga! oh my gosh the manga goes SO MUCH FURTHER than the anime. i BLASTED through it so quick. i loved getting to know the characters more and meeting new ones (i especially liked Tae-Juns redemtion arc, hes so dopey and adorable). its probably my favorite manga so far. its just so empowering and inspiring, and funny! and OH the romance! this lass is SWOONING! it says its unfinished, but is that true? if so i need constant updates as to when i will be given more yona content. 

anyway, thats my extremely long update! sorry if this is like an aggressive amount of words for you to read. its just so exciting to be able to talk about this stuff!! also you seem like a cool person ok BYE!