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A gamer (pretty hardcore), a lawyer, sometimes NEET, cat lover.

Been watching anime since... uhm.. 1998? Well, if you count Speed Racer, Grendizer, Macron 1 and such, then since 1992, I guess. But that was not a conscious choice 'to watch anime' but rather simply 'cartoons on the TV', and those titles are a part of my anime experience which I do not keep close at heart (although the prince in Macron 1 did impress me quite a lot with his beauty and elegance).

Needless to say, all my ratings and reviews only represent my opinion and are not the ultimate truth. However, I'm trying to be objective and approach everything with the same criteria of quality. Still, personal preferences inevitably play a role, and I might occasionally rate something higher or lower than it objectively deserves.

Also, I tend to judge more strictly those anime shows which pretend to be serious and/or realistic, scientific. E.g. Dr. Stone.

Rating system which I use in most of cases, with very few exceptions.

5 - All-times classic

4.5 - Something great but a bit short of a masterpiece

4 - Quite decent and enjoyable

3.5 - Good, but with some serious flaws which spoil the impression

3 - Average, okay-ish, but not something you'd watch twice

2.5 - Mediocre at best

2 - Bad: poor creativity, writing or implementation (direction)

1.5 - Very bad: almost no sign of a well-thought, consistent and plausible story, plot, characters, motivations, behaviour etc.

1 - Disgusting: sucks at everything as does 1.5, but turns out even worse

0.5 - Rock bottom: should never be watched or mentioned by anyone

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What?! No manga ratings?

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