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SilverKnight35 Sep 7, 2018

i want to choke him to death

SakuraPrincess49 Jul 5, 2018

Idk why he isn't the most hated charater on the site. I was so happy when he died but man he dererves to die painfully a thousand times over. I get how he cares so much about Konoha but he will literally wreak anyone and everyone else, and I would argue that 90% of all the suffering in Naruto can be linked to his hands. His retarded ideals led to the creation of the Akatsuki, massacured an entire clan, and Sasuke, Itachi, and Nagato among many others have gone through hell because of him. 

candylover246 May 2, 2018

danhoe shitmura is anime trump

Jhull02 Sep 25, 2016

This guy deserves a cactus through his eye

what? he just has ONE eye that's completely his. annoying wannabe

Gameranimedude78 Jun 11, 2016

Danzo is no hero neither anti-hero. He is always the villain. He and the elders except for the 3rd Hokage ordered Itachi, an innocent man to destroy his clan. He even stole Itachi's best friend's eye to use the power to manipulate. His peace is just a joke which leads to chaos. He is dishonorable and disgrace who uses people for his own selfish desires. Glad he was gone because he got what was coming to him. I'm not sure about this, but I believe the Hidden Leaf is happy that he was gone, but they don't know the truth about Itachi. Danzo is the real reason why Sasuke has suffered.