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Before you ask who the character in my profile picture is; someone drew me as a Naruto character many years ago, that's what it is.

Sub or Dub?
Sub watcher, can't stand most dubs. I mean no disrespect to anyone who likes dubs, or to any non-Japanese voice actors. I just prefer the original, in my opinion it feels more authentic. I did watch Dragon Ball dubbed in English however, because it was my first ever anime and I became attached to the English voices. My second anime was Naruto, which I watched subbed. Since then I've only ever watched subbed and will continue to do so.

Currently, as of July 2023, my Top 3 anime are:

1. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Amazing anime with incredible characters and a great story. Very emotional and inspiring. Super well made, with superb animation. Levi is my favourite character, but I also really like Eren, Erwin and many others.

2. Naruto (including Shippuden).
Mainly for personal reasons, because it inspired me back when I was having a hard time, that's why it's in the Top 3. Overall a well made anime with great characters, inspiring life lessons and an amazing soundtrack (especially in Shippuden). Itachi Uchiha is my favourite character.

3. Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot)
I think this one is criminally underrated. Such an interesting anime, with great characters, cool plot twists and clever writing, all in a fairly unique setting. Favourite character in this anime is William Moriarty, the main character. The main character is rarely my favourite character in anime, but this anime is one of the exceptions.

Some honorable mentions:
SK8 the Infinity
Bungou Stray Dogs
Violet Evergarden
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
86: Eighty-Six
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Death Note
Kuroko's Basketball
Run with the Wind
Kamisama Kiss
Fruits Basket
Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan
Jujutsu Kaisen
The Case Study of Vanitas
Blue Exorcist
Darker than Black
Demon Slayer

I tend to postpone watching an anime until it's completed, after learning the painful lesson of great anime being cancelled before being completed. Such as Yona of the Dawn and The Heroic Legend of Arslan - I was invested in these only to realise they won't be renewed (at least it doesn't seem that way at present). So there are many anime I look forward to getting into later on, such as SPY x FAMILY.

I like manga too, but I don't like spoilers for anime I want to watch, so I tend to avoid reading "conventional" manga. Sometimes I check in on the manga after watching the anime. I tend to read a lot of Korean manhwa however, mainly shounen ai (BL). Not a big fan of the overly explicit ones, but I like the ones with a good story and well written characters.

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Fifelotus Jul 12, 2023

Komi Can't Communicate is a mixed bag. I enjoyed mainly the relationship dynamics between the two main characters (Tadano and Komi), but all the other characters will be a hit or miss to you if you end up picking up that story in the future because they usually have one defining trait that makes up their entire personality, which might not click for some people who enjoys more complexity.

Also, no worries about having "mainstream" tastes, what you enjoy is not something I'll criticize you for if I have opposite opinions~! What matters is that you enjoyed the story, whether that have been the world-building, character, visuals, and everything else that you may value! If you were able to have an emotional connection to a character within something, whether that may be in a popular media or an obscured work, then I say the story does things successfully to make a relatable or desirable character :D, even if lacking or need of improvements in other aspects~!

I don't know what Naruto is like unfortunately, I kinda get deterred by how long it is (for some reasons, I get very unmotivated when things get bundled in one huge package, rather than being split into smaller sections/arcs), so something that's more digestible like how Demon Slayer or Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! anime are split up would be more my cup of tea. I did enjoy Levi's character when I watched Attack on Titan back in March, so I would agree with all the things you have pointed about in why you liked him as a character.

Fifelotus Jul 9, 2023

My number one favorite character would have to be Tadano Hitohito from Komi Can't Communicate. I had a very strong emotional attachment to the character backstory because it was something I related to and also funnily enough, experienced. In his backstory, it was explained that he suffered from what is called a 'chunnibyou' phase in middle school, which is if you don't know what that is, it's sorta like having grandiose delusions that you have some secret or hidden powers (a good example of this would be Megumin from Konosuba or Fischl from Genshin Impact). When I was in middle school, I was like that too LMAOO, oh, the memories of thinking the necklace I worn since the age of 5 had some hidden god living inside of it and that whenever I was sad, the weather becomes rainy and whenever I was happy, the weather was bright and sunny~! Moving on, he later confessed his love to this one girl (while he was still a chuunibyou), but he was rejected and became very self-conscious of his identity and altered his lifestyle to make him stand out less more and appear more 'normal'. This part also was something I related to, but instead of confessing my love to a girl, I confessed my feelings to a dude, although in a rather awkward manner that made our friendship off-putting, so it's something I regret doing, became very self-conscious about that resulted in a change in personality, and wished it was not something I have to remember from time to time. I also liked Tadano's sincerity, especially the moment when he reached out his hand towards Komi, just treating her normally and not as some god-like deity that almost everyone in Tadano's high school seem to see her as. It just felt like a sincere and genuine attempt of making a connection with someone, but it is not something I can relate to unfortunately because I have a very pessimistic outlook on those kind of things in real life, since a lot of those hands that reached out to me was only to take advantage of me, whom I have cut ties with and have since been reclusive (which is probably not a very good thing to avoid the company of others).

Also, thanks for liking my profile page! But I think if you want some more ideas of how to go about designing your profile, I don't think it has to be necessarily long or critical as mine is, it might get a bit tiring to follow such a somewhat rigid guideline. I also use a MyAnimeList account, and in that website, I rate on how good or bad the vibes were, rather than all the bulletin points of the thousands of ways something makes me happy or die in the inside. If there are some profile pages that I thought were pretty nice to look at, I suggest looking up the following users through the search bar (click on the drop down arrow and have the search bar look for "users"):

  • AquamarineGem (their profile is so ethereal-looking, I don't really know what programs or applications they use to have all of the things you see in their profile page, but it is a wonderfully done design)
  • Halex (from time to time, I like to look at their profile and see the perspective of someone who's more vocal and knows what they value in a story and the time they put into reviewing something, my "i-must-watch-or-read-this-story-to-the-bitter-end" probably waste a lot of time I could be spending on other things, but I always find comfort in doing it because if someone personally wanted anime or manga recommendations, I can do a lot of recalling and tell them that certain things were good or certain things were horrible, but Halex has the kind of professionalism that I like seeing the insights of and he also had some helpful watching guides)
  • HKBattosai (a lot of the things I have on my profile was something I liked from his profile page, it has a very charming look to it, although a bit long, but it's whatever, the more, the merrier :D)

Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation with me! And I think it had been rude not to ask, but what would be your number one favorite character and why? :P

Fifelotus Jul 8, 2023

Hi there!

Stumbled upon your profile through checking my feed, thought you seemed like a friendly person! I agree with what you said about Attack on Titan, there were quite some emotional moments that I was touched by! I think I'm too casual of a viewer to get the inspiring vibes, but it does make you think about things sure is interesting to see when looking at differing opinions of how certain characters are like, or how events unfold. Nice to see that you are also a fan of Sk8 the Infinity~! Compared to other sports animes I've seen, I was emotionally moved by the relationship dynamics between Reki and Langa, it's not the type of friendship you get to see much that feels meaningful.

Other than that, hope you have a wonderful rest of your day~!

Halex Jul 7, 2023

Jiraya Thumbs Up

You're welcome, you may also want to check this guide then, where I collect all other guides that exists:

Animes with a Watching Guide