Alt title: Kishin Douji Zenki

TV (51 eps)
3.241 out of 5 from 645 votes
Rank #4,289

Chiaki is an energetic young teenager who lives with her grandmother in an old temple just outside of town. She is a descendant of the powerful sorcerer Enno Ozune who, along with a powerful guardian spirit, protected the land from evil monsters. Now, sinister forces have begun to arise again and search for the Seeds of Evil. When their temple, which hides a Seed of Evil, is attacked, Chiaki releases the seal on the legendary guardian spirit Zenki to protect them - but he's stuck in the form of a child until she unleashes his power with the Guardian Bracelet of her ancestor. Together, the duo must defeat the evil Karuma and his minions while destroying all the Seeds of Evil. Can Zenki and Chiaki learn to get along and fight as a team, or will their constant arguments be their downfall?

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BlaizeV Aug 31, 2012
Score 6/10

Appearing on Japanese screens back in 1995, adapted from the Manga of the same name by Kikuhide Tani, Zenki is your typical 90's Shonen affair. The series amounts to your basic 'unwilling hero who controls a powerful force with a much less powerful form'. Think Inuyasha. It echos the time it was made and caters to the demographic it was aiming for. Its devoid of originality and doesn't shy away from any... read more

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roriconfan Jul 21, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Ha! That part is just like in Inu Yasha… And this one is so Bleach-like… Wow, I just saw a scene from Kekkaichi!

- We have a typical modern Japanese setting, filled with typical looking characters and monsters, talking in a typical way. I have seen so many titles taking place in an average looking Japanese city, with teenagers fighting demons that this... read more

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