How to Treat a Lady Knight Right

Alt titles: A Story About Treating a Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman as a Woman, Ima made Ichido mo Onna Atsukaisareta Koto ga nai Jokishi wo Onna Atsukai Suru

Vol: 7; Ch: 131
2018 - 2021
3.839 out of 5 from 956 votes
Rank #10,189
How to Treat a Lady Knight Right

Leo Cornelia has dedicated her entire life to the battlefield. There is no demon she can’t slay, no challenge she can’t handle—at least, not until that confounding halfwit mage Foolie Dent confesses his love to her. Nothing feels farther from her than long-discarded notions of femininity and romance, but this annoying but dependable new friend might just be the key to opening the heart she closed long ago.

Source: Kodansha

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Okay, so, I do enjoy seeing Leo blushing and not being able to emotionally handle Fooly's straightforward love for fem, feeling flattered since fe had always thought that no one would be interested in feir unfeminine body. It's very innocent and adorable, and at times somewhat funny. But I find the pouting face that is frequently used, with its puffed-up cheeks, to be admittedly uncute and overly childish. I know they're going for that gap moe, but I didn't appreciate the way they had Leo's personality have such ridiculous fluctuations. The pouting is almost always caused by jealousy at other girls being near Fooly, and I also find it annoying how prevalent these non-rival love rivals are in this story. We have Anri (Fooly's sister), Sariela (the dark elf fortune-teller), Helga (the shy "Berserk Blade"), Fleur (the slave-y imperial knight), Melvie (the knight turned demon), and potentially others depending on how generously you count harem-mates. Outside of Fooly, literally every single character except the king (who doesn't show up until chapter 85) and a couple of throwaway pick-up artists are all girls. That's a huge red flag that this story's priorities are askew. It cares more about having a shallow harem than actual character development or world-building. We have a couple plotlines with transformation magic to get some of that fan service going on (cat ears, gender-bending, shotacon). I actually strongly disliked the sighing at the end of the gender-bender stories. Signs point to this current story arc being the final story arc, largely because of what's mentioned in chapter 117 (foreshadowed in chapter 98) but also because of the largescale nature of the current storyline. That 117 twist didn't tug at my heartstrings--it just made me feel that Fooly is an idiot. Fe already acts like an idiot throughout the series in the way that fe leads girls on with feir "kindness," and feir obsession with abs is also pretty idiotic (though that's obviously intended for comedic effect), but this still felt especially empty-headed and pointless. [Originally reviewed at chapter 119] [Updated upon completion] Addendum: It stayed non-serious all the way to the end. The power of the lust! The power of the abs! It adds a twist in chapter 122, then another in chapter 124. Twisty-twisty! It's stupid how they have all the harem-mates and side characters participating in the final melee, as though that'll somehow help create a sense of resolution or something. The ending fulfilled its role of bringing things to an end, but it probably could've been more satisfying or indulgent in its expressions of affections.

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