Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji

Alt title: The Legend of Luo Xiaohei

Web (28 eps x 6 min)
2011 - 2019
3.924 out of 5 from 118 votes
Rank #1,307
Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji

A cat spirit, while stealing the framed Heavenly Bright Pearl, was injured heavily by Diting and turned back into a cat. While wandering the streets, he was adopted by Luo Xiaobai, and became Luo Xiaohei. Their story begins now.

Source: MU

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Uh. Wow. I'm kinda blown away by how good this donghua is, and it was certainly better than the 3-star rating it currently has on AP. I got way more than I was expecting from this "chibi" animation, and for a chibi animation, the flow of the pictures is unbelievably smooth at times. The story is charming, and the characters are hilarious.  Story:  Xiao Hei is an elfin (or material spirit) who has stolen a pearl from a powerful deity. Upon his escape, he was severely injured and reduced to cat form. Xiaobai is a young girl who finds him on the street and adopts him. At first, he tries to escape the apartment ... until he decides that he actually might like her. This donghua will fool you into thinking it's a slice of life at first, but soon we meet Agen (??), Xiaobai's "brother," and many more spiritual creatures. The setting shifts from urban to countryside and fantastical, but it doesn't let you forget that the animator/team are huge otaku.  This show is hilarious and sweet, and (my assumption by one of the end credit scenes), apparently it was popular enough to get toys at McDonalds??? Anyway, there are figures for this show that I need in my life.  Episodes are 5-10min long. !!!! ---- Get ready for the spoilers and the negatives of this show ---- !!!! This show is not for you if expect any type of serious rivalry between enemies. While there are pretty incredibly animated fight scenes, no one is "defeated" in any serious sense. There is hardly any time for dealing with the consequences of one character mortally wounding another, and the show really isn't that deep. There is almost no character growth in the show, but the characters are solid people from the beginning, and the format of the show doesn't allow for anything more. My biggest complaint is that there simply is just... not enough of this show. The ending is pretty anti-climatic, and it leaves off on the coolest part!!! The MC is constantly alluded as powerful, but we never get to see it. I suspect that will leave a lot of viewers upset, but I want to forgive this show. I very nearly want to call it "slice of life" and claim that's the reason why the ending is so disappointing (you were never supposed to expect more from the beginning!), but it's just not. Regardless, after doing some research, I think this show pretty popular. There's supposedly a movie coming out this month, and I am excited to see if there's going to be more content released in the coming years.

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