Link Click: The Daily Life in Lightime

Alt title: The Daily Routine of Time Photo Studio

Web (18 eps x 6 min)
2021 - 2023
3.878 out of 5 from 169 votes
Rank #1,675
Link Click: The Daily Life in Lightime

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[Warning: Bad English Ahead] This short series was released monthly during the hiatus between season 1 and season 2 of Link Click (it is also best to watch it after s1 and before s2) to keep the fans engaged and entertained. Episodes, spanning from around 5 min to 8 min, give the fans an insight into the daily life in Lightime studio (as the title says). We learn more about the characters and get to watch them in ordinary situations. The series is comedic and I mean it, it genuinely made me chuckle; and episodic - you can watch it in pretty much any order. Only the last episode is a special exception and ought to be watched last as it features none other than the chibi version of Mr. Lin, the director, answering pressing questions about the upcoming season. There is an occasional time travelling case for Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi thrown in and these are just as emotional as the ones in the original donghua (the mooncake episode made me tear up).  The animation is mostly CGI chibis with a full animation here and there. In my opinion, it fits with the overall lighthearted vibe of the series. I absolutely love the choice to "chibify" the original outro as the music still gives the sense of danger but the cuter animation settles down the nerves. Talking about the outro, I must mention the absolute epicness that is the opening to this. The OP appears in its full glory in episode 7 and, let me just say, it's worth the wait. Both in music and animation. To me, it's unskippable and I could watch it on a loop for days. The post-credits shorts are adorable and feature animal versions of the main trio (dog Xiaoshi, cat Guang and bunny Qiao). They are very playful and fun to watch, although the sounds these animals make made my ears bleed lol.  In conclusion, Link Click: The Daily Life in Lightime is a treat for any Link Click fan and definitely worth a watch~~!

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