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Alt title: Shiguang Dailiren

Web (11 eps x 23 min)
4.426 out of 5 from 4,644 votes
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Using superpowers to enter their clientele’s photos one by one, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang take their work seriously at “Time Photo Studio,” a small photography shop set in the backdrop of a modern metropolis. Each job can be full of danger, but nothing is more important than fulfilling every order, no matter the scale…or peril involved!

Source: Funimation

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Just like the majority of the reviews say, this Donghua (Chinese Animation) is much better than expected and not the generic story that you could expect from the first episodes. The show starts episodic but beginning with Episode 3, the cases they investigate take 3-4 episodes (see the note below for the special), finally revealing that there is a main storyline that ties everything you have watched. So this is one show that you really need to commit to the end of the season to properly judge the full story. Unfortunately, this season ends with a huge cliffhanger, so you'll have to wait for the upcoming 2nd Season to conclude the story. Some people have compared this to Violet Evergarden for the structure of the show. But while Violet Evergarden leaves you with a feeling of hope after each episode, these stories are rather dark & somber, Episode 1 will give you a good idea of the style and types of stories you'll see. However, the structure of the show will change towards the end. The struggle between the capacity to change the past in order to create a better future vs. the unforeseen consequences this could have on the present; is one of the main aspects of this show that keep it interesting. You may identify with the character who "wants to help no matter what", or the other character who "knows better" and is more cautious about how the changes could affect the timeline. The struggle with these contradictions is what takes most of the show and what makes you feel for each story. The animation is good for its time. The Music is outstanding, I especially liked the outro and think is a perfect fit for the mood of the show. The background music and songs in the stories are quite good as well. NOTE: I recommend you watch Link Click: Marrying by Contesting between Episodes 2 & 3 as it's where it fits best chronologically. This special is advertised as Episode 5.5 as I assume that was the order it was released between Episodes 5 & 6, but this story couldn't possibly happen at that point in time, so I recommend you watch between Episodes 2 & 3 where it fits better chronologically and also because the story on Episode 6 continues immediately after Episode 5, so it makes sense to watch that way. This story will be referenced again in Episode 6.

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