Air Gear

TV (25 eps)
3.907 of 5 from 23,869 votes
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What if roller skates had high power engines that enabled the skaters to do stunning new tricks that defy gravity? What if you saw a beautiful girl effortlessly glide through the air with them? To Ikki, this is reason enough to secretly borrow a pair of Air Treck skates, and step into an underground world filled with gang fights and strange customs. Enamored with high-flying stunts and the flirtatious Simca, Ikki forms an Air Treck gang of his own and starts a life of fighting rival gangs and flying over the rooftops, chasing the girl always one kick ahead of him.

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roriconfan Jan 18, 2012
Score 3/10

Based on an action/ecchi manga, Air Gear follows the normal path almost all shounen do. Its replay value is low, as it is reminiscent of a zillion other series. Before you start watching it, you should be aware from the first minute that it is nothing special in its execution and that it will be forgotten as soon as you watch your next shounen anime.

In whatever excuse of a premise this show has, Air... read more

BoyTitan's avatar
BoyTitan Oct 21, 2009
Score 10/10

well this anime suprised the hell out of me didnt expect to watch it great combination of action comedy and this was even more unexpected it had a good story ^^ watch this episode one had me hooked from the first fight scene were ikki at the time a bmxer start poopin off at this at rider ikki gos chargein in at dude the dude like dum fast gets behind ikki real fast got him in some like pile drive position and... read more

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  • Vol: 37; Ch: 357
  • 2002 - 2012
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Air Gear - Trick:358
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