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Life changingby hdalchemist

series that make you change as a person, series that make you look at your life around you and realize what you want to be different

Hilariously gory mangaby sothis

These manga take gore and violence to the extreme, usually to an outrageous degree. If you have a weak stomach don't read the reasons for each of these! And let me know in the comments if there's any I should add (plus a few reasons why)

Anime with Plots that Hide What You're Actually Watching it For (Namely, Lesbians)by ratchet573

There's a weird double standard where girls can watch yaoi and it's cool but guys can't watch yuri without being looked at funny. Here is a list of shows I've watched containing lesbians. These shows have to have a plot that I can talk about with...

Rumiko Takahashi Anime available officially in Englishby bvincent

A complete list of Rumiko Takahashi Anime that have at one time or another been available officially in English.

Manga with centaursby sothis

These manga feature characters that are centaurs (either main characters or minor).