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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Alt titles: Gurren Lagann

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4.498 out of 5 from 27,203 votes
Rank #54


Simon lives a boring life in the underground village of Jeeha, where his main job day in and day out is to dig tunnels. His close friend Kamina, however, longs to bust out of their oppressive existence and reach the surface world where open skies and adventure await! One day, during his usual digs, Simon discovers a robot with a big face buried amongst the rocks. No sooner has he shown Kamina his mysterious find when two beings from the surface crash land into Jeeha Village - one is a gun-toting woman calling herself Yoko and the other is a terrifying mecha piloted by a Beastman! Seeing their chance to escape village drudgery, Kamina rallies Simon and Yoko to defeat the invader using their new robot, Lagann. However, upon breaking out onto the surface world, Simon, Kamina, and Yoko encounter enemies more powerful than they could have envisioned. Their fight for adventure just turned into a war for the survival of the human race - will their lust for freedom hold out against such terrible odds?

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Name Role
Atsushi NISHIGORI Character Design
Hiroyuki IMAISHI Director
Taku IWASAKI Music
Takami AKAI Producer
Yasuhiro TAKEDA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann VivisQueen 7.5/10 Jan 26, 2008
Gurren Lagann VivisQueen 7.5/10 Jan 26, 2008

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Title Author Score Date
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann TheKillaRaVeN 9/10 Mar 26, 2014
Gurren Lagann TheKillaRaVeN 9/10 Mar 26, 2014
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann misteruwalrus 9/10 Dec 30, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
OS WtW Porradadura 37 Apr 19, 2014
My anime watchlist Ryanb23 33 Apr 19, 2014
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Vukor rated the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime 4.5/5 stars
Vukor watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann at 27 of 27 episodes
kukis951 rated the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime 4.5/5 stars
kukis951 watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann at 27 of 27 episodes
zimbabweanghost is watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime at 16 of 27 episodes

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Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Ryuuko Matoi is a fiery, feisty girl on a vengeful mission: she’ll find her father’s murderer at all costs, with only a giant red scissor blade as a clue to the villain’s whereabouts. Using the item as a weapon, she fights her way into the terrifying Honnouji Academy to track down a lead, unaware that the institute is brutally governed by a student council that’s anything but ordinary. Wielding special “Goku uniforms”, the group, led by president Satsuki, uses superpowers to keep the student body in check - but things are about to change now that Ryuuko’s in town!

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Both are super highly energetic action shows - whether it's a mecha fusion, a giant drill or a talking uniform, everything's awesome! The pace in both is fast and the action frenetic, with cool-as-heck, distinct characters and flashy shit and explosions and calling your attacks and all that stuff à la shonen we love!

And it goes without saying, but the staff for both series is pretty much the same. If you liked one you can't really go wrong with the other.


If you've seen both TTGL and Kill la Kill, you'll immediately recognize the handiwork of the same team. Super flashy and bizarre visuals; high-action, frenetic fights; pseudo ecchi moments; and overall just crazy, over the top visual overload. If you liked one I can't imagine how you'd dislike the other.


Epic action with non-stop action, but these are anime where something is always happening. The action rarely stops to breathe, instead it is constantly ratcheting up the action to the highest level and then somehow finding a way to push it even futher. Both these shows have a similar art style and it's obvious they were made by the same people.

TTGL is mech and Kill La Kill focuses on melee combat but it hardly matters what the weapon when the attacks are so over the top ridiculous. If you're looking for an action thrill ride then these are the anime for you.


Each of these show are made by the staff, something the viewer should notice within the first minute as all the hallmarks of said staff are present.

The same distinctive art style is present in both, with its flashy and crazy battles, and similar character designs, it would be difficult not to instantly see the connection here. These shows really do have common ground in almost every aspect, from the same style of comedy down to the amazing OST that enhances every scene it accompanies.

But the biggest trait that these two shows have in common is their almost unfathomable energy. Both shows play out at breakneck pace, with barely a second going by without something happening, rather instead of ever letting up it just gets more and more frenetic. The action sequences are so similar that they even have the same over-the-top named special moves that the character just love to shout at every opportunity.

If you loved one of these shows for its balls-to-the-wall action, the other should definitely be checked out!


Both series have some of the staff in common, and boy does it show. Awesome fights, larger-than-life characters constantly delivering overacted lines (so awesome), epic animation and really distinct visual styles make these anime very similar.

If you liked one of these, chances are high that you would enjoy the other one.


Both Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann share the same creative team, and both anime reflect the distinctive team style, especially in the character designs.  If you love high action-adventure, then these anime should really hit the sweet spot. Kill La Kill is much more frantic and over-the-top, but both feature epic one-on-one battles with crazy legendary attacks and memorable inimitable individuals.


Both of these shows share the same direcor, and similarities are more than obvious with all the over-the-top funkiness. They are very different in terms of concept, but at the same time represent each other quite well. In terms of animation and general feeling of bizarre, you won't find anything more similar than this. 


It goes without saying. If you watched both Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, you'll immediately make the connection. Both share the same sketchy art style, tone, humor, action and badassery. Do watch both!


Although both have very little similarities when it comes to the story line, they are very alike in illustration style and feel as well as in character design. Very energetic, funky, and really cool weaponry is overflowing!


Kickass action, over-the-top, large hams, badass fights and a relentless assault on the senses through rapid-fire action scenes and escalating feats of awesomeness. Insanely fun, kicks logic to the curb and are just a treat to watch.


They similar throw away logic and kick reason to the curb. Plenty of action, over dramatised and remarkable characters make worth watching.


Both Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill feature the same fast paced, highly intense, non stop action. Even though Kill la Kill is more about physical weapon wielding fights and Gurren Lagann's is mostly done with mechas, the fight scenes in both are very similar.

The comedy in both are similar as well and they both often feel like a parody anime at times, pointing out the insane logic of the anime world.

If you liked Gurren Lagann - and let's face it, who didn't? - then you will like Kill la Kill. And if you like Kill la Kill and haven't watched Gurren Lagann...what's wrong with you?


Action is the first thing that comes to mind with the both of these. Everything from basic everyday stuff to the battles themselves are depicted as adrenaline rushes with everyone moving this way and that. Then comes the comedic effect and the somewhat surreal artwork they contain. Even with these, the underlying themes they contain or can be applied to can be seen.

If you liked one, you are sure to like (or love) the other!


Aside from being from the same people (trigger are ex-Gainax), these two animes are similar: Action packed, over the top, huge battles.


Both by the same company, they carry the flare and energy befitting the shounen genre. These two shows are at the top of their game and ridiculously overblown art styles and characters spouting hormone charged lines. In a way, both shows are about the gender empowerment of their characters, framed in ways specific to certain experiences and a "coming-of-age" theme.


For Sheer awesome what the fu^kery, Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill are cut from the same cloth.


both of these anime are made by the same companies and have a very simular art style and animation. Both anime are over the top and full of action!


Same over the top style is common, though while at points each series had episodes where the animation quality suffers that's overshadowed by the fact that these two series (Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann) are epic on top of epic :p


these are absurd all rediculous over the top bad assery that's good for the heart and soul.  I'll say that Gurren Lagann has a more coherent message but Kill la Kill, is so bad ass it really doesn't need one.  One second you're watching Kill la Kill... the next you're tripping balls. Nuff said.


The style is quite similar since one of the staffs in TTGL is involved in the production of Kill la Kill. In terms of storyline, TTGL may have a better message, while Kill la Kill, the badass and awesomeness can stand alone to make it a must watch.


Both TTGL and KlKhave fast paced  and mindless action. Though TTGL takes itself a bit more seriously and is more enjoyable,Nonetheless you'll enjoy one if you liked other


The awesome level is about the same, if you liked one, im 100% positive you will like the other, these are on my top list ever.


At first i thought Kill La Kill was made from the same studio that did Tengen Toppa. This is not the case though.

Both Tengen Toppa and Kill La Kill are so worth it to watch.

watch it online now!

Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

Like most boys his age, the young Renton thinks of nothing but reffing – riding trapar waves on a board – and idolizes Holland, the leader of the renegade group of reffers named Gekko State. As an orphan of a famous hero, he lives a boring life with his grandfather until the beautiful Eureka crashes, literally, into his life. Now, with the help of his newfound friend and crush, Renton finds himself living amongst the crew of Gekko State. The errands are hard and the bullying is fierce, but with Eureka by his side, Renton just might find the courage to tough it out and even save the world!

my list:

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Both Tengen and Eureka offer a unique take on two young upstarts who start from humble origins but are quickly caught up in events beyond their control, as well as intense, stylistic mecha action and character-driven plots.


Both series have remarkably similar plot lines and character lineups.  Gurren-Lagann is more plot driven while Eurkea seven is more character driven.  Both stories (initially) revolve around a pubecent boy who is able to pilot a "special" mecha type robot, both are guided by a stronger, more charasmatic male character, both involve a love affair between the main character and a human-but-not-human female character, and both involve saving the world from a much larger enemy than it should be concievable to defeat.


both stories have crazy mecha action,  an interesting crew as well as a love story that revolves around the main character. and oh yeah both love interest are "special"


Both mech action type shows. Also involves some obscure kid making their rise to greatness. Both can be rather mature on some aspects with a fair share of comedy as well. Both stories also have their own fair share of twists. Some you will see coming from a mile away and others not so much.


Both E7 and Tengen Toppa tell the story of a sad, weak boy and his rise to herodom. Both shows have a crew of rebels, fighting against a mighty, oppressive power. Where E7 tries to take itself quite srsly, despite all the rainbows and pink explosions, TTGL simply disregards sanity. If you loved one of these, and are looking for a similar story with a different edge, give the other a try!


Both anime are super colourful and have a lovely range of characters. Both are about fighting for their survival basically. Both are slightly longer than they should be IMO. You'll enjoy one if you liked the other


If you liked one of these series then you will probably enjoy watching the other series as well because each series place a strong emphasis on the mechs and their pilots.  Showing that as each series the characters grows stronger and they become able to stand on their own with the support of their friends and the feelings they have.  Each series some rather nice comedy and funny moments but they also have the moments when everyone is absolutely being serious neither of which will ever feel out of place and like the tone of the episode doesn't feel like it belongs with the current situation.


A lot of the same voice actors/actresses. Same mecha non gundem feel. Tear jerking storyline making sure you are to watch from start to finish


Mecha: check. Saving the world: check. A boy's coming of age: check. These series just fall in together so well that there is no way you should miss a chance of watching the other if you've like one of these.


Both of these anime have a rather spectacular view of mecha. Both anime follow a young man as he joins a crew of rebels against an oppressive government. Both anime involve some interesting plot twists and action scenes. A lot of both animes are how the characters interact with each other, the mechs, and their world. 


TTGL is hard to digest, and only die-hard fans of the mecha genre can see the epicness of this series. Well, Eureka Seven has a similar feeling to it, every episode leaves you thinking you're watching something more awesome than you'd like to admit. If you loved TTGL and you're in search of something original with enough GAR to keep you more than just hooked, E7 is your next best friend. 


Gurren Lagann is the definitive rule of cool, and Eureka Seven has air surfing mecha, but they are more than just badass mecha. The inner clockwork is a romance that blooms into love between two characters, Eureka and Renton in E7 and Simon and Nia in Gurren Lagann. When there's action, it's fast and fierce and the characters really sell the shows.


These Both are the two best mecha animes of all time. they are both highly addicting and also love stories on the side. by the time you finnish up one eppisode you automaticaly put it to the next one


They both run along the same sort of theme where a young boy is stuck somewhere where they were born and are looking for something new. Stories about character development and coming of power not only within battle but in their personal lifes also.


Both of these shows invigorate with their spirits and likable casts. Complete with unbeatable odds, over-the-top, yet fluid action, romance, themes of revolution and friendship, these animes tell wonderful coming-of-age stories that will inspire those who watch. If you loved one, you'll love the other.


Action? Mecha? Slight Romance? Sci-Fi elements?

All of these are present in the both of these anime - when action happens, it happens full force. Both also have a defining moment that sets the tone for the entirety of the show. If one was amazing to you, so will the other!

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

In 2010, the Britannian Empire enslaved Japan using powerful mecha known as Knightmares; in the aftermath Japan was renamed Area 11, and its people began a hard and terrible existence. Lelouch, a Britannian student living in Area 11, has grown up hating the Empire and everything it stands for. One day, in the middle of a terrorist attack, Lelouch meets a mysterious girl who grants him the ability to control minds. Can he use his new power to fight for freedom, or will his hatred twist his good intentions into mindless acts of vengeance?

my list:

not rated
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Assuming you liked the part in Tengen Toppa that focused far more on the complexities of making political decisions e.g. pretty much the second half (especially Rossiu's story), and yet want to retain that rush-to-the-head pacing and kick-arse mecha focus, then I'd highly recommend Code Geass. It's less epic but the shocking twists and 'grey areas' of Lelouch's decisions will give you as much of a thrill as the power-ups in Tengen Toppa.


The story line in both anime has some similarity but in special they both have mechanical action or better sayed they have Mobile Suits action,balance between drama and comedy is perfect equal, If you liked action,drama comedy in this one , you\'d surely like the other.


Both animes are about a seemingly hopeless fight between the rebeliants and a powerfull enemy who rules the country. Either in CG or Gurren-Lagann we can watch the moves of a great lider, who is the only one keeping the rebel in a row. Although they have many similaritis ther are also very different what prevent you from feeling bored and saying "I've already seen it...".


I thought a little on this one ( it was pretty obvious though I didn't notice). They both have rebelions fighting in robots against a goverment that has ruled for a while. The difference in the goverments though are one is made of monsters.


Fight the Powah, you say?  If massive uprisings, political intrigue, and mecha fights are what you're looking for, these series have 'em by the barrelfull. Code Geass is more political and far less tongue-in-cheek than Gurren Lagann, but is still jam-packed with a whirling mix of action, mystery, and goofy comedy... enormous cast and minor comic relief characters included.  


These 2 titles share the drama that goes along with war. Lives are lost and sacrifices are made. Both Simon and Lelouch carry the burden of starting and finishing a rebellion in the midst of a tyrannical empire. Although the main antagonists' reasons for fighting are completely different, the progression of the story for each anime is quite similar.


Obviously, both series are similar in that they involve mechas. In the first half of TTGL, the similarities between the two series are reletively subtle. However, the second half shows extreme similarities, particularly regarding turmoil in leadership, partnership, and politics. Both series are a ridiculously good watch and I really think that if you like one, you'll like the other.


On one hand, you have a series that thrives on coolness, pure badassery and more coolness with some ham and a whole lot of absurdity. That's Gurren Lagann. On the other hand, you have Code Geass. Not just coolness, but ham as well and cheese. Lots of cheese. Which in turn leads to absurdity. How they mix seriousness with such bouts of comedy (Intentional and unintentional) is what makes them fun to watch and liken to each other.

From massively planned out plans of such cunning to the point it's mind-boggling to tactics that simplify to attack and attack some more, they are different and yet similiar. They both have style and flair in what they do and a plot that's about a group of rebels/humans who vie for a better world for them and those around them by fighting against an empire whose power outclass their own by far. And mecha, which only goes to further show the absurdity of it all.


Seekers of giant robot porn look no further.  While both are epic sci-fi sagas, Code Geass has a political bent while Gerrun Lagann is all about massive carnage.


While the plotlines may seem very different, Gurren Lagann and Code Geass have very similar themes. Both of them revolve around battles against a bigger power. Both protagonists hope for change. Simon and Lelouch are alike in the way that they desire to fight to bring peace. Both animes contain action-packed battles that focus more on just the fighting and center as well on the characters themselves. Speaking of characters, there is a lot of development in both animes and the characters are down to earth and relatable. Both Gurren Lagann and Code Geass leave you breathless with amazing music and beautifully crafted storylines. Both of them are definitely worth a watch.


Fight the power! is probably a good tag-line for both of these anime. Young rebels take on the current regime with their ever-evolving mechas. Both protagonists have a faithful group of sidekicks, some rather ruthless antagonists, and a story-line that is more about freedom than romance.


they are in the top 10 best anime series of all time and they both involve mecha and they both have a supurb plot that could entertain you for hours


Both have great impact on audience, are superior to other animes and the main character will make you shed manly tears.


Both of these animes have so many twist and turns that when you thought you had it figured out, another scenario comes into play, and when you though you have that scenario figured out, another scenario would play. Undoubtedly they are both extremely well written and though out animes, and if you are looking for a mind blowing and unexpected experience, one that keeps your blood pumping for excitement, and the eagerness to find out what will occur in the upcoming episode, than this is the route to go with.


CG and TTGL both have a plot heavily based on Mecha fighters,with TTGL featuring mecha's that will blow your world (literally).

In both series the Prot gets an unbelievable power in start which will change their life forever. Geass in CG and Spiral Power in TTGL, Both use this power to rebel against the monarchy ruling them for ages.

Both Punch heavy action doses, Badassery moments, Tearjerking deaths and touch of Romance



Naota Nanbada is a boring young boy who leads a boring life in a boring town. His older brother has left for America, and the closest he comes to any excitement is when his deadbeat dad has too much sake. But things change one day when a bizarre girl zooms up to him on a scooter and smacks him in the face with her guitar. What's more, once Naoto returns home he discovers that this strange woman has arrived ahead of him and moved in! Not only does she constantly engage in perverted activities with Naota's father and flirt with the young man himself, but she also claims to be an alien who is searching for the ‘Pirate King.' Now, Naota must learn to live with this new intruder, deal with an odd government agent who sports exceptionally large eyebrows and the mysterious Medical Mechanica, and come to terms with the fact that there are a variety of robots and weapons emerging out of his head - amongst other things. Perhaps boring wasn't so bad after all...

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You would like FLCL because the story is incredibly funny and as wacky as Tengen Toppa Gurran-Lagann. Both anime are interesting and have similar crazy animation.


Both series have a similar fast-paced, action-packed feel to them. They also both rely on fair amounts of absurdity in order to generate humor and/or AWESOMENESS. They also share an attractive and unique art style. In general, both shows have that "GAINAX touch" that makes them much unlike your typical anime series.


FLCL and Lagann are Gainax's own flesh and blood, meaning that they contain incredible action with madness everywhere. Although for Lagann this is mostly true for first episodes, that's enough. Furthermore, both series showcase robots. In FLCL they come out of the hero's head, in Lagann they're head-shaped themselves.


Well, both series start innocent and then turn out to be extremely badass. More similiarity is about the atmosphere surrounding the shows than about the plot itself. The main protagonists are shy, young boys without confidence in themselves. Throughout the show they grow up and learn about life. I think that action and characters are the best part about these anime. Oh, I almost forgot to tell about the music, it was fuc*ing awesome!


Misused guitars, ass kicking spiral weapons and completely crazy plots. You loved the action? Then go and watch this one too!


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Furi Kuri (FLCL) are by the same production company, so it stands to reason that they would deal with similar themes: growing up, what it means to be a hero, and letting go of the one you love. Granted, those aren't the ONLY themes, but if you like strong stories with themes like that, you'll like both of these shows. You follow a young male protagonist on his journey to find himself and his special purpose in an otherwise dreary existence. Check out FLCL and TTGL!


Both Gurren-Lagann and Furi Kuri share very similar art style, but what makes both anime's stand out as something that is considered a "Must See" is the way humor is portrayed. Although the story line in Furi Kuri is much more harder to grip then Gurren-Lagann's is, the anime is still light and funny with a bit of a "I know how that feels" with it. I would recommend highly watching Furi Kuri if you have not already seen it; It's not every day you get to see a robot blast out of someone's forehead. ;)


Made by the same people these two series show it by their animation style. Both having interesting and over the top characters. Who's not to love anime with epic robots, wheither they be busting out your head or out the ground?


also a fast storyline and much unstoppable action

and same humor still tengen toppa gurren lagan isnt that fast as FLCL

both are from the same Director Imaishi Hiroyuki


The visuals are crazy. The characters are totally insane. Sometimes the plot makes no sense. But this is why you love FLCL and TTGL so much :)

Be prepared to be assaulted through the eyeballs as the craziness unfolds in front of you, in an amazingly addictive way. Although both shows are probably for a more mature audience, I think fans of one mad show will instantly love the other.


Both Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann and FLCL are plain rediculas.  If you like TTGL then you will like FLCL.  FLCL will make you laugh until your side hurts, much like Kamina did.  Check it out, you won't regret it.


The absurdity of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann follows through into FLCL. The primary characters are very similar apathetics who have very boisterous and over-the-top supporters. The action is also similar with a major importance placed on epileptic fight sequences.


Gainax, Gainax, Gainax. Big action scenes, fast pace, crazy characters, and aliens. The main character is a young man who suddenly finds himself with an awesome power. The animation is similar, and the humor is almost identical. 


The first thing that came into my mind while watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was FLCL. Having mechas, the animation and especially their hilarious logic are very similar.


They're both over-the-top animes with action and hilarity. FLCL is much more surreal and has a more fluid narrative, but if you liked the fast-paced action of Gurren Lagann, you'll love FLCL

watch it online now!



In the year 200X, World War III began. Special bombs destroyed parts of cities such as Tokyo, leaving decimation in their wake. Decades later, ground zero in Tokyo – an isolated section known as the Black Spot – remains an enigma. Its residents known as Needless possess strange powers such as the ability to control fire or telekinesis, and are constantly hunted down by Simeon, a large pharmaceutical company with sinister motives and Needless of their own to do their bidding. Young Cruz is part of a resistance to fight against Simeon and its Needless figurehead leader, Adam Arclight; but after the resistance is brutally killed by Simeon’s minions, he finds himself saved by a motley crew: Professor Gido, scantily-clad Eve and badass Blade. Together, the gang fends off Simeon’s attacks and tries to discover the truth behind the corporation’s actions. What is Simeon really after, and why do they desperately want to find Fragments?

my list:

not rated
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12 people agree

The style of both of these series seem very similair. Plus, the priest and Kamina are amazing.


Both anime are ridiculously over-the-top in terms of some of the fight scenes that are in them, with stupidly large moves. The animation style is also very similar in some of the episodes. So if you like stupid way over-the-top fights and comedy, then either show is perfect for you.


If you're looking for over the top ecchi, action and GAR, look no further than these two titles.


To be honest, the action scenes in both series is so GAR to the extreme, you WILL like one if you the other.


Action, GAR, and unique characters! Throw in some boobs and you have both of these titles. Check one out if you liked the other.


With similar artstyle and humor, you'll find TTGL and Needless to be mind coliding. Having massive battles that tip the scale of the word massive, along with some fun ecchi scenes, look no further, for TTGL and Needless already exist.


Both have epic battle with awesome special effects.Also both series are post apocalyptic:   - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: After a massacre, the humans take shelter underground   - Needless: The needless appear due to the 3º World War


Very similar art, characters and parody elements, how ever it has to be said that while Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is EPIC, Needless is average at best.

None the less if you liked TTGL, Needless isn't bad if your looking for something to kill time.


When I first watched Gurren Lagann, I was instantly reminded of the epic coreography and over-the-top charisma of the charactarters which made me love Needless. So I would definetely reccomend both for their similar high-octance style.


Well basically Kamina and Adam are the same badass type character.  Even though the are different genres both shows have the same over the top action.


Both Needless and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann have over the top action and are completely chaotic at times. They start with a similar trio of characters (i suspect Adam Blade to be the actor who plays Kamina ;) ) who make more friends and build up their forces while they go along to save the world.


Blade is almost as manly as Kamina,

Art is very similar and ridiculous, 

They will stay in your memoey,

but TTGL is epic story with comedy, fighting and drama, while Needless is epic fighting, comedy with pantyshots.

watch it online now!