Air Master

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Aikawa Maki, a high school student (with a reputation of being an exceptional street fighter), is known on the streets as Air Master. Standing at seven feet tall, she has the ability to seemingly fly through the air. Trying to attain the highest level of excitement and tension, she searches for stronger opponents. Will she find them or will they find her first, as they fight it out in the aerial arena?

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Kevinthewiseone's avatar by Kevinthewiseone on Oct 17, 2009
Score: 9.2/10

    Air Master is a fighting/Martial Arts Adaptation of the  manga that was serialized in the Hakusens  Young Animal. It was licensed by Geneon for release in the states, but unfortunately only four discs have been released thus far and there are no plans for any more to be released.     The main character is a 16 year old redhead school girl, who does not fit the... read more

ZorroMeisterZ's avatar by ZorroMeisterZ on Jun 6, 2010
Score: 7.5/10

Honestly the score is just a guard/. This series was pretty good. Now I could go into story depths and the complexity characters and interwoven stories. But sadly that would make me a liar. Most of the characters are 'one note' even Maki herself.  The story is fairly cliched and the progression is somewhat predictable.AND IT WORKS!Seriously, this is an Action,/FIghting Anime, and as such the fights never... read more

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