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One-Punch Man

May 21, 2022

okay I pretty much enjoy reading it, also I finished the whole manga(till now) in 2 days, been reading like crazy, but there are some things that it lacks,

Firstly, it doesn't have the hardworkinng mc who trains before a fight and depending on how much he trains we can see battle moves and growth, struggles and recovery and learning from them. Since the MC starts(after few chapters) as op character, yeh it lacks those.

Secondly, the artwork, while reading it, I didn't spent much time on the deaths as they were nothing, writer should show more screentime and cruelty of deaths so it makes the bond to feel the emotion a bit, otherwise deaths are lifeless and doesn't givesan emotional output.

Thirdly, some characters act way too stupid than they should, like how nobody notices saitama doing all the unbelievable works and yet goes around unnoticed. In a high tech city like that, there must be security cameras and data hungry organizations who'd figure out saitama's true power despite being a c-class hero.

                 Except these(pretty much), it's very fun to read as mentioned earlier. And I'm looking forward the new chapter.

6/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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