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While I suppose my first anime was Pokemon, it's hard to consider the Americanized version as such. Was first introduced to real anime through the original Cartoon Network(RIP) with DBZ, Gundam Wing, etc in their afternoon block and quickly became addicted. 

Soon Adult Swim broadened my horizon with Inuyasha, Case Closed, The Big O, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop (#1 rated by me), FLCL(top 5), Eureka Seven, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lupin the 3rd(favorit episodic), Naruto, Samurai Champloo, s-CRY-ed, Shin-chan, Trigun, Death Note, Wolf's Rain, YuYu Hakusho, Trinity Blood, and Witch Hunter Robin. Wow long list.

When I entered my 2nd year of college I was fully engulfed in finding new Anime to download and binge watch until 4 am, sleep and catch a sode before class. Now I have a subscription to Crunchyroll and keep up to date.

I mainly rate my Anime shows by how they make me feel through the first time watching so my list differs greatly from most I suppose.

Top 10 avg Length Anime

  1. Cowboy Bebop- Have to put it #1, rewatch it every couple years
  2. Code Geass- Great characters, weren't affraid to kill some, great ups and downs
  3. Steins;Gate- This show really tugged at my heart during the middle, great characters
  4. FLCL- Just simple, funny, strange, mild plot but it was just great
  5. Pokemon- Still a huge fan, recently brought the old GameBoy out. 
  6. Pandora Hearts- Another gripping anime, interesting characters with cool powers
  7. Chaika: Coffin Princess- I'm not sure how most responded to this but I loved it, good unpredictable plot, funny in some areas.
  8. Yona of the Dawn- Better have a second season, cool characters, great comedy
  9. Parasyte-the maxim- Loved it. Can't say I looked forward to a new show release more than this one.
  10. Elfen Lied- Bloody, action, naked chicks, total dude anime.

Top 5 Long Anime: Because its hard to compare

  1. InuYasha- One of the main reasons I got into anime, good action, coolest villian in Sesshomaru.
  2. Naruto- It's got some good action but sooooooo much filler. 
  3. Bleach- See above
  4. Lupin the 3rd- Loved watching this every night on Adult Swim
  5. Natsume Yuujinchou- Not super long but fits.

There are plenty more left out simply because of the way it ended (SAO) or how it shouldn't have ended (Beyond the Boundary) (Highschool of the dead season 2?). I could go on forever but the bills wont pay themselves....

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