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osangwoosashes Aug 18, 2018

Hi again!!  Sorry, I didn't respond.  I was super busy trying to study for Regents and Finals and wasn't on here until it was over XD.  The Messaging system one here is pretty weird, so I didn't see your message till now (So Sorry!! I would've responded wayyy sooner if I had got a notification :3 ).  I know the whole "No reading Mangas/Comics" rule on here is pretty bad, but I'm glad that Anime-Planet is living up to your expectations; I'm also glad that the Mangas/Webtoons you've read so far (and the ones I mentioned) have got you hooked!!  I would also love to have conversations with you about Mangas and Anime, and would love to give you some of my personal favorites to read and watch!!  I hope you've gotten around the how-to's of Anime-Planet (some of it is super confusing :D), and hope you're enjoying your time on here!!  If you ever need any help with anything on the site, don't hesitate to send me a message!!

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osangwoosashes May 19, 2018

hey, welcome to anime-planet! I see you just joined today, so I wanted to make a friend and say I hope it's living up to its expectations :). What's up? I know you can't read mangas on here (Cause of copyright issues) but at least you can watch animes XD. I noticed that you're reading Royal Servant, Bastard, A guy like you, 30 Days with you, ECT and wanted to get your opinions on them. I've read the current chapters in each comic/manga, and they are all REALLY good :) I read a TON of BL mangas and have watched a TON of animes, so if you'd like to create a discussion with me about them, or just need someone to create a conversation with, I am usually on here 24/7, so feel free to message back anytime! (Although I'm a weirdo, but who isn't XD)

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