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Jan 13, 2022

This manga is beyond imagining. Truly, I've never come across a manga more fitting of the "so bad that it's good" label. This manga takes over-the-top gore and violence, and combines it with the worst characters to have ever been written. They are completely unrealistic pieces of garbage who make the dumbest decisions in every possible scenario. It might sound like I'm mocking this manga, but I'm not. The gore and the character choices had me laughing literally every chapter, and it is a great experience. Though, the author, to my knowledge, intended this to be a serious horror manga, and they fail laughably. That being said, I reccommend this manga to everyone, it is amazing and a joy to read. Truly terrible, but lots of fun. I love this manga so much. What an incredible experience.

1/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
10/10 overall
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toxin45 Jan 17, 2022

Oh it gets better in volume 18 and volume 23 is the final volume for part 1 there is gonna be a part 2 sequel also has a prequel called offal island/zoumotsujima try reading too.