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Again if we follow my own standards it would be closer to 2.4 which doesn't really help because again this is a light novel so it has no artwork. Now as of the beginning of the series that has a low story score mainly because it's throwing a whole bunch of information at you right away is literally trying to catch you up on the last 10000 years of all the bullshit that's happened in the story make sure you understand what's going on and why.


This is going to be a quick little tl:dr of the whole series into the things I encountered while reading. (OmG MoRe CoPy PaSte) The ring system is further explained and orange rings are at it as slightly better than black but below red. Now you're limited to 3 spirits which can limit your ability to gain a higher cultivation level but you're not necessarily tied down to that if you can increase your rings level. Oh, and the spirit pagoda went totally nuts and absolutely did not follow Yuhao's set of rules of not harming spirit beasts.

This MC is a little overpowered he is the son of the protagonist from the first series, brother-in-law to the wife of the MC from the second series, and somehow is filled with the soul of half of the dragon god, and somehow is able to reach godhood without 3 soul cores, without all the soul bones that you need to maintain or even reach rank 99 which somehow there are actually quite a few people who reached this new level system that they put in there quasi-God limit duolo. This makes absolutely no sense even though he is the son of a God I would assume that his daughter(Wutong) had to follow Yuhao in this standard and this kid(Wulin) just skips that's really stupid. And technically he's not dead nor has he ascended to godhood at the end also bullshit he's pierced through the heart with a spear that devours your life OK we're gonna stick with that and just assume he's not dead also he pierced his wife's heart and his heart because he didn't wanna leave her and then he froze both of them with some sort of magical ice Pearl it's getting ridiculous.

Will also find out that Tang Sans' father and mother are technically still alive his dad became the plane Lord which makes no sense because this was this is the first time it has ever been mentioned and his mother is the ancient Golden tree which up until the last 100 chapters has always been some old guy, not a woman. Also skipped over in the last book that Tang Sans' mother was the tree think that just skipped everybody's mind or something.

I did struggle with the last 50 chapters are so it took me about a week longer than normal because of how much it dragged on not only that there's quite a few chapters where it literally is just a fucking flashback I know what happened earlier in the book I'm not retarded and my memory is pretty good stop telling me things that happened in the past and stop reminiscing get to the actual story and the fight happens I think about 3 or 4 times throughout the whole series which takes this from almost 2000 chapters down to about 1800, now it doesn't really take 200 chapters for reminiscing but that's what it feels like. I would only really recommend this for people who are completionists and you want to actually continue the storyline 'cause the storylines actually kinda good but the shifting and changing of everything backgrounds are things changing halfway through this book as compared to the other 2 books where they could have established their backgrounds, which they did, and apparently these glaring pop holes were supposed to overlook.

The super TL: DR is read this if your completionist and skip otherwise I cannot believe how many months I spent reading this just to come to the conclusion that it was arbitrary and was like pulling out fingernails, it's horrifying, boring, and just eat's uptime and is interesting.

4/10 story
0.1/10 art
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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