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Let's see I work for Home Depot(Tool Rental), go to college(architecture), and I live in New Jersey, which if you don't know is located in the United States.


25th Manga Review: Berserk (Pilot) (Sep 18, 2017)

25th Anime Review: Anima (Sep 30, 2016)

25th First Manga Review: Scryed (Dec 8, 2017)

25th First Anime Review: Superflat Monogram (Aug 2, 2017)

50th Anime Review: Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R (Nov 24, 2017)

50th Manga Review: Needless (Feb 16, 2018)

1st Light Novel Read/Review: Yaoshenji (Light Novel) (Jan 28, 2019)

5th Light Novel Read/Review: Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King (Novel) (Feb 23, 2021)


A little about me first anime i watched was dubbed Sailor Moon when i was about 10 or so. Then the next one was The Big O, Both of them were on the original Toonami on Cartoon network.

First Anime movie i watched had to be either Ninja Scroll or Vampire Hunter D, on HBO.

Didn't really get into manga till college but man when i did it changed my world like how it got into more detail and the thoughts of people instead of just the fighting and whatnot.

And finally like it says on my Brags I finally got into LN and boy even more into thoughts than manga mind was even further blown.

Favorite Characters(Top 5)

1)    Zoro RORONOA {One Piece

2)  Kenpachi ZARAKI {Bleach}

3) Roy MUSTANG {Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood}

4)  Metal Bat {One-Punch Man}

5)  Killua ZOLDYCK {Hunter x Hunter}

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Sarcataclysmal Jan 15, 2021

The series' animation is far worse than pretty much any of the films, especially Baron Omatsuri

AutumnFlower Aug 26, 2019

Ah I see I only started the manga recently and so if it's not in the anime then I don't know about it. But at the end they show them on earth and I wanted to know more so I started reading. And other than the order of which events are shown is different other than that it's pretty much the same content so far. only on vol 8

Elliet Sep 28, 2018

Well, that is my mistake!!  Serves me right for thinking someone was waiting for my learned response with baited breath!  Anyway, your question was simply why I never followed the format suggested for reviews. It was polite.  And, no, I cannot think of any reason for hostility. So, you have a great week end as well.

Elliet Sep 27, 2018

I can appreciate the question. I personally don't judge an anime on its art -- either I like it or I don't. And, over the years I have found my view toward what looks good vs. what does not has changed alot.  So, in those few cases I do give a review, I try to focus on what I really like or dislike about the story.  Also, I am an old fart. Loved anime all my adult life but now that I am retired and with all the choices to find anime to watch, I truly try to give everything a chance. I really like some shows that others have trampled for artistic or morality issues; and, there are some shows that I just cannot force myself to watch -- no matter how inspiring the story, the music, or the production.  I truly try to be fair. If my dislike is simply with the ending or story development, I just mark it up as watched and make a note to never bother rewatching. I don't judge nor really care that much what others think about a show and, don't really expect folks to much care about my input. I seldom read a review until after I have completed a series.  And, often when I do finish one I truly enjoyed, I find that others have done a much better job of 'formal' reviewing than I could. Though, with age comes cantankerousness (or I am just in a bitch of a mood) and I will do a review of a show I liked that others did not. This does not mean I am right or they are wrong but if anyone cares to give it a try they might like it as well.  Hmmm, this is way longer than I intended; bet this will teach you to ask questions!!