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Pretty generic cultivation story about a guy that is transmigrated to ancient china into the body of the clan leader of a fallen clan. You can expect all the usual rapid growth and power-ups, ranking up in society, etc.. Story-wise, there is little to tell so far, it's just the MC striving to get stronger and build a strong clan, we'll have to see were it goes from there. As for the characters, nothing notorious here either, MC is very... mundane, other than him getting used to fighting and killing to fast and taking 10 pages (3 month in story time) to go from looser to stronger than his sis there isn't much to complain nor praise, the sister disciple is more interesting with her dicotomy of wanting the clan position but having to uphold what's expected of a clan member, unfortunately she doesn't get much screaning, and the rest are all pretty minor so far. Art-style is good but not great either and comedy does not disrupt the story or immersion (it ain't much funny thou, imo), so in all aspects, nothing great but at the same time it has no big flaws either so, for those who enjoy this kind of setting this might be enjoyable.

6/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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