The Top Clan Leader In History

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The Top Clan Leader In History

Ye Wen crossed and became the lord of asect! It seems to be good, but this asect art seems to be a little weaker, and people are less... "Senior, the master said, the responsibility of revitalizing the faction will be handed over to you!" The only fellow sister said with a look: " If you can't do it, give me the position of the head!"

Source: Qidian

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PZcolo Sep 3, 2019
Score 6/10

Pretty generic cultivation story about a guy that is transmigrated to ancient china into the body of the clan leader of a fallen clan. You can expect all the usual rapid growth and power-ups, ranking up in society, etc.. Story-wise, there is little to tell so far, it's just the MC striving to get stronger and build a strong clan, we'll have to see were it goes from there. As for the characters, nothing... read more


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