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CherriJuice Nov 4, 2010

I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PUT CTRL+ALT+DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( grr how could i forget. I love it soo much. " I almost forgot my cake spoon" :P I want the Winter-een-mas Blanket XDThanks fopr reminding me ahaha :P

CherriJuice Nov 4, 2010

What web comics do you read?? I have a buch i love to read. Penny arcade, Least i could do, looking for group and XKCDand more :P Yeah i dont think you could ignore something like that XD BEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP TIME FOR ME TO BOTHER YOU!!!!!

Im like that sometimes, like someone will talk to me and and hour later ill be like "hey" only..... way too late :p

CherriJuice Nov 3, 2010

Pffft i wish i was at work. i need a job because money is good :P No facebook?? well that makes sense you would just be on it instead of working :P

CherriJuice Nov 3, 2010

Hey! You! Guess What???  (see bottom to know)

Facebook buddies~ :D

CherriJuice Nov 1, 2010

It's good that you weren't bothered about being alone. Im guessing you made some new friends while you were there. You didn't spend much time in the room did you? Too much fin to be had elsewhere. Well i can't booze it up, too young :P

That super sucks :( How much does the Blizzcon ticket cost? I can guess that the plan ticket was a lot. Well if it matters, i think she sucks and is stupid. You be awesome. :D

I'll look for you too! I still wont have a cosplay sooooooo. Very true no one does cosplay from School Rumble. :P