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KiraRin Nov 22, 2010

Hi Matt, and thanks for the comment!

I may be a retired reviewer on AP, but if you check out my newly started blog ( ), then I am still writing occasionally. I am in the process of finishing writing about Kaibutsu Oujo and hope to have a review ready for soon after Panty/Stocking finishes. Always nice to have suggestions for what else to look at!

Nice to hear I've been a motivation to get someone else writing about anime, and it would be great to have a look at when you've started! If it's going to be about ecchi, then my top tip is to make the writing suit the topic. If there is any way to pervert a perfectly innocent sentence, then go for it ;P



CherriJuice Nov 16, 2010

Ha you're mad about that because I have more :) plus all of Jason's anime  so i beat you.....again

You need to start buying them! Gosh, I download them too but i always buy my favourite. I have many anime boxsets that i want/need to get. So buy some and you wont have to worry about it :D

CherriJuice Nov 16, 2010

I know! Ever since we became best buddz on Fb I totally have not been coming on here, how very sad! when i cant talk to you on msn or FB I'm just gonna spam you here from now on :D

Yakuza Nov 15, 2010

Thanks for the welcome, and an awesome name you have if I may say so =P

I'll be sure to once I've cleared up my watching list a bit :)

Take it easy, buddy!

Neon1988 Nov 13, 2010

Thanks, I'll take a look around. Descovering a new anime is always interesting. Feel free to comment about any choise.