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Welcome to my profile, stalker.
My name was a result of me not wanting to use a real alias on a website dedicated to manga and anime. Call me Vogav. That's my nickname in most places. (i.e. YouTube, Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN [when I'll get a PS4 :v.) Has no meaning to it, just an original name

Anyway, most people call me Boi since it was my nickname when I started playing this MMORPG called Lucent Heart. 
The name "shootmypoo" was created in order for me not to get banned. Why? Because the original name was supposed to be "eatmypoo". Why was it even created? Because I was lacking a good name so... Hey! Why not tell people to shoot my poop?
So yea, nice to meet you.

I can't relate to anime characters since they're simply drawings. Your waifu isn't real, m8.

That's it. Penis.

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Frostitute Mar 3, 2020

Oh right! I remember now! Thank god you're discharged then. 
I don't actually use my FrostDoll fb anymore xD I got too old for all that

Frostitute Mar 3, 2020

Boi! 😂

no I don't, you? I just get the notification when someone posts on my profile. Hmm I do update my watch list once in a while, to check if I already watched an anime.

how are you though?

zeRec Jul 16, 2016

Don't you find the word "Bruv" super weird and addicting? Like I used to say bro or bru and added an "h" at the end sometimes to be like BRUH but who decided to add a v at the end? wtf?

Also 'n u inwiabu' sounds like some Kpop lyrics.

zeRec Jul 10, 2016

Bruv you're infeggit.

DetectiveVal Jul 6, 2016

You right T.T