The Villainess Needs Her Tyrant

Alt title: Geu Angnyeoegeneun Pokguni Piryohada

Ch: 70
2021 - 2022
3.668 out of 5 from 874 votes
Rank #19,119
The Villainess Needs Her Tyrant

Orphaned at the age of seven, I was naïve to think my uncle took me in out of love. He promised to return the House of Edenbarre to me once I was of age, but he kept my father’s title and wealth. Not to mention my sweet cousin poisoned me after I learned of my uncle’s plans against the emperor. But with a second chance at life, I vow to take it all from them, as they did to me! Some may call me a villainess, but I’ll gladly use the tyrant emperor for my selfish interests. I’ll have my vengeance... as long as these suitors don’t get in my way!

Source: Tapas

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It's an cliche concept yet it's incredibly stale, and I'll tell you why: everyone is the same.   Every. Single. Character.  Is a cool-faced, manipulative, scheming, politically intelligent archetype. Except for some background characters, extras, maids- aside from the 'victims' basically, everyone is the same character mold.  Everyone has a half-lidded cool stare, their face shaded dramatically, and eyes glowing when focused on.  Everyone has multiple agendas.   FL?  Coolly scheming revenge.  ML? Coolly looking for a certain man he wishes to kill.  FL's scummy family? Manipulative and scheming- though her cousin does initially have the "white lotus" mask on, the uncle and her both /also/ do that spicy "I'm above you" cool look and smirk.  ML's assistant?  Cool.  His knight dude? Cool.  This librarian guy? Cool.  Scheming.  Squinty.  It's stale!  It's so stale!  It's like biting into a piece of bread and wondering how it wasn't obviously moldy with some kind of warning not to bite into it before you started but now it's too late and wow that was not meant to be that crunchy!!  So ig here's the mold- my review.  Ur warning, since I didn't get one.   As for the art, it's pretty standard web comic level, lazy on shading sometimes, and again- everyone shares a facial expression.  Think they might be sharing it or something.  Like a family subscription plan.   As for the story: it's just villainess regression revenge tripe, rehashed in different words but made unpalatable by the characters playing out the roles on screen.   I hate sounding so mean and negative but there's nothing I like about this.  Still, I can't rate it less than a 3 because I have the displeasure of knowing what real garbage tier comics are and this isn't THAT bad.  

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