The Insane Martial Arts World: Second to None

Alt title: Shenjing Wulin Zhi Gai Shi Wu Shuang

Ch: 150
2021 - 2022
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The Insane Martial Arts World: Second to None

The quinquennial opening of the Heaven's Will Pagoda is upon us. A mysterious letter stirs the quietude of the martial world. Martial artists that had been in seclusion—Wei Ge (The Blind Hero), Zhen Jian (The Sword of Demise), Dan Teng (The One-Armed Swordsman), Murong Yue (The Fatal Demon), Liu Qian’er (The Gold Meowling King)—are on the move. With more and more martial arts experts rising to the challenge, the entire martial world is about to plunge into bloodshed. Regardless of the imperial court, or the cult, or factions of the martial arts world, all of them only have one goal: To take control of the Black Tortoise Order and find the treasure hidden in the Secret Realm of the Black Tortoise.

Source: Bilibili Comics

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