The End of this Fairy Tale is a Soap Opera (Novel)

Ch: 176
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The End of this Fairy Tale is a Soap Opera (Novel)

The girl and the prince welcomed a long and happy life at the end of the fairytale. However, life for the merely supporting character Lynette was not over yet. She, who was left alone at the end of the fairytale, made a resolution. “I just want to live.” Lynette practiced the principle of ‘living only once in this novel, I’ll do as I please,’ — making all kinds of gossip and spreading them. [The handsome Master A of the family that is proud of their traditions is actually a pervert. This truth is only known by those maids who had quit work?] In the midst of a beautiful fairytale turning into a drama, I’m going to meet the prince who is involved in a succession battle……

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