The Divine Punished One

Alt titles: Da Gui Jia Shi, The Great Deity

Ch: 150+
2018 - ?
3.484 out of 5 from 196 votes
Rank #30,271
The Divine Punished One

He is the devil himself in the eyes of villagers, the filial son in the eyes of his godparents, the best puppet craftman in the eyes of his followers, and the weirdo in the eyes of his peers——he is lu xiaoyi, the divine-punished one! "the body of divine punishment... This child is so outstanding, that even the gods are jealous of him." the blind saint said so, "...take his pants off and there is a birthmark like a black bead in his butt cheek..." He is lu xiaoyi, the most special one among ten billions of people..."but everyone has seen my butt now!" he cried...

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