The Devil’s Beloved Daughter (Novel)

Ch: 207
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The Devil’s Beloved Daughter (Novel)

“Give me the chwild swpport! (Give me child support!)” Mia was abused by her uncle and aunt. One day, she sees in her dreams a future in which she falls into her uncle’s scheme, kills her own brother, and causes world destruction. 'I can’t die like this! The future is in my hands!' Mia decides to sell her maternal uncle’s hideous scheme to her biological father, and charge him with information on the back-up. I opened my mouth with a pretty serious look on my face. Her hands were also proudly open. “Chwp, Chwp. Only 1,000 gwld for top secret information! (Cheap, Cheap. Only 1,000 gold for top secret information!)” Hey, do you want to buy information to stop the collapse of this world?

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