Devils and Realist

Alt title: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

TV (12 eps)
3.49 out of 5 from 4,793 votes
Rank #3,974
Devils and Realist

William Twining lives a charmed and privileged life. As a rich nobleman from a prestigious house, he trusts his superior intellect and strictly-scientific mind will help him sail through school with ease - but what he didn’t anticipate was returning home to discover his family went broke and moved out, leaving him penniless! Desperate to find something left of value, he finds a secret room in the basement, accidentally summoning Dantalion, Grand Duke of the 36 Armies of Hell in the process! All William wants is to be left alone to his studies, but he’s now tasked with deciding who the next ruler of Hell will be, much to his annoyance. With Dantalion and other demons eager to influence his choice by whatever means necessary, what’s a nobleman to do?

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Don't really know what to say about this anime.  It starts with a plot and well the plot disappears at the end. Everything that the demons have worked for goes up in smoke because well... it wasn't needed. Story 1/10 Like I said before it starts with a plot! William is a descendant of Solomon who happened to bring powerful demons under his command. Lucifer has been away for awhile sleeping and the demons figure they should fight it out to detirmine who becomes the next leader, since apparently they think Lucifer is going to be dead or something, or have William( who is called the elector) to detirmine who that person will be. It's riddled with holes, but it's somewhat of a plot.  Then the ending comes along... and it all becomes pointless! Yep, everything is pointless. Animation 6/10 Some fight scenes aren't bad. There are some repetitive scenes though at the end which feels really rushed or lazy.  The characters have giant eyes... it's rather amusing I guess. Sound 5/10 Nothing new just same old stuff over and over it seems... characters 3/10 Characters appear and well don't really develop any changes. Though it seems it IS attempted..... You have William Twining, that despite being involved personally with the supernatural, refuses to believe it exists. It's annoying. You have the super-strong-but-I-can't-use-my-full-power Dantelion. The feminine guy Sitori. The opposite of William, Isaac. The list goes on and on. Some characters show up... seem to be promising... then disappear never to be seen again... like what? Really, the demons go to the human world , but never really try to get William to hand over his source of power or forcibly choose who will be the successor of hell. I don't think I'd recommend this to anyone.

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