A Lovely Day Out With Koppe Roll

Alt title: Komugi-biyori no Koppe-pan

Vol: 3+; Ch: 32+
2020 - ?
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A Lovely Day Out With Koppe Roll

Ichigo Kaida is in his first year of college. It's raining heavily and he's biking home along the Kamogawa river after a couple of particularly grueling shifts at his part time job. That's when, out of the blue, he finds an abandoned dog. Whoever left the dog also left a letter, which relays two facts: 1. The dog, though truly and genuinely a dog, loves to eat bread. 2. The dog's name is Koppe Roll. Ichigo feels for Koppe and decides to take care of him, regardless of the struggle... but what will Ichigo do when the little dog simply refuses to touch the food that Ichigo puts out for him...?!

Source: MangaPlaza

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