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    I simultaneously love and hate it when an anime
    rips my heart out (ep. 5).
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    Episode 6

    This episode got me fooled for a while. I never saw the "calm before the storm" and I took it to be "just the wind". I wonder if the original anime was dark as this, since this really doesn't beat around the bush at all. Injuries in full flesh, lots of blood and pretty gruesome cuts, rapes, deaths, quite the nasty package. I like the way they handle Hyakkimaru's voice: He just doesn't speak all of a sudden, it's more about squeeks and screams and it probably will be for a while since I can't see him being patient and going intelectual to start to concentrate on learning it. I quite question the people liking him so easily. I would be a little bit weary seeing a weird guy with blades instead of his arms, not being able to see or speak.

    I do have though some questions:
    1) I do not understand the mechanics from the previous episode about getting his voice back. I assumed he gets a part everytime he kills a demon, thus I assumed that sand demon was dead. Few doubted he wasn't, however how then he got his voice back? I don't think it works like a trade, eg. "I lose my real X, I get instead Y" if it would be a trade for his bitten leg.

    On another point also, regaining his leg again feels cheating, sincerely.

    2) The connection of that short rain. My guess is that the darkness was close to winning if Hyakkimaru died, but since Hykkimaru didn't, the rain stopped. That's my take on.

    I kind of expected Mio to live, even though her death could have been predicted easily by a more pesimistic approach to the story. I hoped there would be some light and happiness, but apparently, I was very wrong. It is all pretty grim.
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    No. No, it was not. Most certainly not.

    The demons gain such a powerful form in the human world by possessing these body parts. Hyakkimaru killed the demon once, but the demon took his leg and kept his power. Destroy the form they take and you get back what they used to stay in this world.

    The trade they did with Hykkimaru's father was body parts of his first-born against protection and other boons. Every time one of the demons die, some kind of catastrophe comes to the domain of the father. The first was a land-slide, so the first demon, that slush monster from the river protected the father from land-slides for the skin of his son. That the alliance broke was because he regained his sense of hearing, so it's technically Hyakkimaru's fault that there was war at this place and that everyone died.
    Same with the rain. The demon took care that there would never be a drought in the father's domain. But after the demon was killed, that protection was gone, too, so the rain clouds dispersed.

    Geezus, I know why the first line in the OP is "Party is over". They meant that the fun and good feelings are over now and there is only despair and fire left.
    Dororo is precious. He struggles with what he saw, but he comes over it and even admires her for her strength. When he feeds Hyakkimaru to give him strength and to help him back on his feet. Also, poor boy has to watch Hyakkimaru losing his shit, must be scared that his big bro will turn into that monster.
    Also, that awkward moment when Mio and Hyakkimaru are flirting with each other and Dororo watches from afar. Excellent shot composition.

    Also, the pacing is perfect. Even small little details. When Hyakkimaru saves Dororo from being slashed, he just cuts off the soldier's arm so that he is no thread. And the show takes almost a minute for him to realize that Mio is dying and then some for that primal scream.
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    I have so many feelings.....
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    Me too, me too...
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    Same. But all of them are varying levels of sadness.
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    Episode 6.
    Not to sound mean, but I like this development.
    Last thing this show needed was some largely useless chick hanging around as the love interest. Now the bloodyness can resume unimpeded.
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    Ep. 6,
    I think I knew Mio was prostituting herself right when she first met Hyakkimaru at the river, just that gut feeling I had. And the fact that I was remembering my reading of the manga a while back. The episode itself is a nice reminder of how foolish it is to murder the protagonist's love interest and the consequences that come of it.

    The way Hyakkimaru was slaughtering the soldiers was epic, and it looks like Hyakkimaru's brother already suspects his parents hiding something from him. Overall a tragic but good episode. Its not everyday the protagonist fights an ant-lion demon though.
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    Ep. 6-
    I'll admit, this episode got me choked up a little. Oddly enough, it was the part where Mio says she's surprised Dororo knows what her job is and he says that was the one thing his mother would never do- and that was why she died. It was just so sad. Dororo is a great kid, though. Also, in keeping with the tragic way Hyakkimaru seems to gain a sense only to lose something precious- the first word he says is Mio.
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    I can't handle this ;-;
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    I think this is the thing I love most about this show. All of this can be gleaned intuitively from the visual storytelling and editing without need for exposition to spoon feed it to the audience.

    I also appreciate that Tahomaru isn't a complete brat. He's in a tough situation with his parent's lives being ruled by a secret he's not privy too. He's haughty because he's been raised in times of prosperity and he's from the samurai class, but he's not a total shithead he realizes he was being unfair to his mother this episode.

    The rest of the episode is too much like a raw wound to talk about in detail.
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    Love everything about this show. Hyakkimaru actually fights how I'd imagine Wolverine would fight, like a wild beast and the way that whole slaughterfest was handled was great.

    I like how the show isn't scared to introduce us to characters, make us invest in them and then take it all away from us.

    I feel the only slight inconsistency for me is the hearing and talking aspect of the character. So he understands everybody, he knows the language but he's not been able to hear. But now he's struggling to talk. It's a little thing that makes me scratch my head but I also understand that they're trying to move the story along and not dwell on these things but then I also wish it wouldn't dwell on Hyakkimaru being bothered by the noises.
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    It's kind of a big part of this mini arc and the overall theme of the show. His bond with Mio is mostly predicated on him finding her voice soothing in an otherwise harsh sounding world.

    The rest of it can be explain by the supernatural aspect of the show. His parts have been traveling around for years. They could have picked up a lot of knowledge. We don't know how much he actually understands or if he's just getting the gist of what people are saying from context.
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    See, I understand the concept of that... Although I'm sure these creatures don't really have much contact with humans either but at least it's a somewhat understandable scenario which I'm sure we can all live with.

    And think I remember a scene where Dororo is explaining things to to Hyakkimaru and I do believe he was nodding his head to confirm what Dororo says. But then the scene with Mio felt a little strange if he could understand her, I think she was having somewhat of a monologue and got thrown off by him touching her face.

    I just need to rewatch these bits later...
  16. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Everyone's suspension of disbelief is different. I don't mind the details being fudged here and there as long as the visual storytelling and emotional core of the show remain this good.
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    Ah, it was Mio who was asking 'm the questions and he responds by shaking his head. It's later with Dororo where he doesn't react. I flipped them around again... Typical.
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    @ShinShini's post really helped clarify some of the mess of the last episode and in general some of the questions I had up to this point. So thanks for that. So, in that regard, as @Scalpelexis mentioned; Hyakkimaru getting his leg back is a bit of a cop-out. However, I'm completely and 100% okay with that. Mostly because it felt weird and semi-forced to lose his leg at all. So getting back on track was certainly a welcome reprieve. Granted, that was all for the bigger trade-off, so to speak.

    I think someone had mentioned in this thread that in the original Mio's camp was wiped out. I wasn't really thinking ahead that much at that point. Or, if nothing else, I was lulled into believing that Mio would accompany Hyakkimaru, or he would at least use this place as a base of operations for a bit before anything bad happened. Her coming and going so quickly was executed very well, and it wasn't something I expected to happen so soon. I mostly just feel bad for Hyakkimaru though. I just want him to be happy.

    When he was taking on those samurai, I was getting some Hittokiri Battousai vibes. I would say there are more than a few similarities with Rurouni Kenshin and Dororo, and more specifically Himura Kenshin and Hyakkimaru, but that scene in particular stood out.
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    I'm not used to anime treating me like an intelligent adult, instead of an idiot who needs everything spoonfed to him.

    Also yeah, there was so much I wanted to write about here while I watched this episode. But sitting down and trying to type it out, the only thing I thought was "Holy fucking shit, everyone gets fucked there."

    You're welcome. I'm just super glad that the show I was hyped for since the day it was announced is not only actually great, but also popular. And that I can discuss it with other people.

    Also, it was me who mentioned
    that Mio's camp got attacked in the original. After the first part was so wildly different from the original, I thought it would deviate from here a bit and it wouldn't spoil anything. But no, they just needed some distance. So they could pick up more speed to better dropkick us in the stomach.

    Well, one of them was mayor of a village.
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    Derp... I forgot about the hottie

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