Denno Coil

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  1. VivisQueen

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    Denno Coil
    (a.k.a. Cyber Coil)

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    Alright, first and second eps are out, this anime already looks pretty damned good. If you look at the anidb entry, it tells you bugger all, but when you actually watch the anime you realise you've got an AMAZINGLY original world presented to you. Like, half the world is pretty much a hologram. The animation suggests innocence of tone but there's this freaky black creature which suggests darker things are to come. A bit like the black things (the Heartless?) in Kingdom Hearts, if anyone's played that. A bit childish in design, but fucking creepy and with REAL sense of peril.

    Two things I liked about the world: the fact that everyone has to wear these special glasses, and the character designs. I think this could appeal to a broad base of people.
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  2. sevencreature

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    Re: Dennou Coil

    Yeah, it should be pretty interesting.
  3. Re: Dennou Coil

    I wasn't struck by the (human) character designs, personally. They appeared clumsy and bland. However, I am still watching. For one, sole reason.

    ...that dog had me giggling for most of the twenty odd minutes it appeared on film. I've not seen a character with quite as much of it, in quite a long time. I'm curious, at least, to see what the reason for the world is. So, I shall watch onwards.
  4. VnTB

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    Posted by VnTB on May 30, 2007
    Re: Dennou Coil

    yeah the dog is funny ^-^
  5. Aydan

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    Posted by Aydan on Jul 29, 2007
    Re: Dennou Coil

    Very nice show. I like the designs of the characters, well I like the design of the whole Dennou Coil world. Especially the girl that points at everything and says "poop". Yeah I'm only on ep 2. The world is cool, a very nice version of a hitech future.
  6. PaxLux

    PaxLux New Member

    Posted by PaxLux on Aug 13, 2007
    Re: Dennou Coil

    Is anyone still watching this? I saw the first epi and I want to give it a shot, but then I was distracted by Lucky Star. :)
  7. Maethor

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    Re: Dennou Coil

    I have been watching it and while it started off decent it has become quite repetitive and slow. That, and as a major computer geek I find so many little flaws watching it that annoy me

    For instance when they get zapped if they are human why does it mess up their image, unless they have a digital image coded over themselves, which would seem useless unless they wanted to appear differently to people wearing glasses, which I have not yet seen used.

    Also why has nobody made the glasses into contact lesses I swear the creator must be a major Meganekko fan.
  8. PaxLux

    PaxLux New Member

    Posted by PaxLux on Aug 14, 2007
    Re: Dennou Coil

    I haven't gotten very far in the series, but I don't feel a real sense of danger from those big floating orbs. I mean, just take the glasses off and it's not there. Is that right? I haven't figured out how that world works exactly.
  9. Aydan

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    Posted by Aydan on Aug 14, 2007
    Re: Dennou Coil

    I'm still watching the show, but I can see where this is going.

    Illegals are like real beings in a cybernetic world, I'm sure as teh show progresses, they'll find people that have been sucked into that world.
  10. ace52387

    ace52387 New Member

    Dennou Coil

    I'm almost halfway through it, and I'm just a tiny bit disappointed with how many slide shows it uses. Bah the animation's so good looking, it's kind of jarring to go from that to a slide show. Still, as far as I've gotten, there's no dip in the animation quality, given the scenes are actually fully animated.

    Plot developments are very well paced. You get a constant feed of information regarding the mystery in the central plot line, as opposed to fillers and then gigantic revelation episodes. The action isn't all that well distributed though. Some episodes are especially eventful, while others contain more dialogue.

    The story telling, animation, and a lot of the scene direction seems to me like a pretty big cut above an average TV series. The chase scenes are usually fantastic (and it seems like someone's always being chased), as are the weird cyber battles. I remember 1 of these battles took up something like half an episode. Long action scenes in TV series' usually mean a lot of foot dragging, like unnaturally long stare downs, or shameless repetitiveness, but so far Dennou Coil hasn't shown any of that.

    I also love how childish Dennou Coil is. The kids call the stores where they get cyber weapons/toys penny candy stores, and all currency has to be converted into new year's money. It's like the whole world has a preteen spin to it.

    I usually only genuinely enjoy maybe 1 TV series every 1/2 year, and this may be it for me. What are some of your thoughts?
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  11. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    Re: Dennou Coil

    this seems hot, i think i might watch it.. thanks ace
  12. MrsickVisionz

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    Re: Dennou Coil

    Its good. I think that towards the end it looses a good bit of the comedy and light heartedness, but its a solid show nonetheless. Ureshii released a really nice fansub for this. Its up there with Menclave's Gundam 00 and Genjo's Ghost Hound in terms of visual quality. I wish I could find the raws... they probably look downright amazing (the raws on the other two shows blew me away).
  13. Cetonis

    Cetonis Forum Moderator

    Re: Dennou Coil

    I very very much enjoyed this one. The animation, such an intriguing setting, the slice-of-life feel, and one of the more complex mysteries I've seen in an anime. Just make sure you pay close attention towards the latter half, as it has the potential to get rather confusing. Generally I like to think of this as Haibane Renmei with a strong mystery element replacing the literary stuffs. Though there may be some symbolisms and such that I missed; I was too preoccupied with the mystery at hand to look for any.
  14. ace52387

    ace52387 New Member

    Re: Dennou Coil

    Haha what's with this thing and kids seeing their fathers naked?!

    There were 2 jokes about this involving Yasako. Daichi's father waltzes around his house naked and gave a schpeal about it. Fumie's pet thing is named dad, and he's always naked. I think "Oyaji" can be used to refer to old men in general though. During the recap episode, I was extremely shocked when Fumie's father stuck his head in one scene. It was hilarious, and at the same time disturbing. He clearly resembles her pet, Oyaji! Why is her pet, clearly fashioned after her dad, always naked?! Is that weird?!
  15. dunkyrok

    dunkyrok Guest

    Re: Denno Coil *

    Just finished this the other day and I have to say it was awesome. The ending does lose a bit of the comedy, but what a fantastic ending nonetheless!
  16. tasanime

    tasanime New Member

    Re: Dennou Coil

    Lol... I also wondered this from episode 1. Why not indeed?

    I completely agree thus far. I'm only up to episode 10 and I have to say it's a lovely little series which I can agree with some of the comments made thus far about the enjoyment of the detailed visuals and the complexities of the half holographic world that they live in which comes with it's own system. However, I can't help but feel the series is a little dry, I oft find myself demotivated to watch it but once I'm in I'm ok, I definately couldn't watch more than one episode in one go, it's a little too slow for that. I'm hoping the series will pick up for me and I can continue to enjoy the series for what I have so far. Any comments on this?

    Thanks guys- Tas.
  17. Cetonis

    Cetonis Forum Moderator

    Re: Denno Coil *

    Around where you are it slows down a lot for a few eps, basically a couple one shots (not completely irrelevant, but they're more or less mini-stories within the plot) and then a recap ep. (I think it's 14) Starting at the end of said recap though, things start to pick up and the pace gradually increases from there.
  18. Uriel1988

    Uriel1988 New Member

    Finished it yesterday. Wonderful anime IMO.
  19. DemonRoach

    DemonRoach Banned

    I only watched the first 2-3 episodes....yes it had good quality animation, but the problem with me was that the characters were just so stale and boring... I mean thinking back now, I would compare it with SOUL EATER, in that the animation is great, but all the characters are lifeless and dead.
  20. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Buddy Group for this starts here. Hilarious, I started this thread and then dropped the show after three eps. I guess this is the inspiration I needed to move it from my dropped list.

    So, how many eps a day are we watching?

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