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    Anime-Planet’s community is made up of millions of users who have a wide range of ages, political beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities. Our commitment is to provide a harassment-free experience for all community members.

    In the interest of fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment, and to promote constructive dialogue and expression, Anime-Planet holds its staff members and community members to a code of conduct. These guidelines apply to any Anime-Planet property, such as:

    • in entirety: comments (user profiles, characters, people pages, etc), bios, forum posts, private messages, or other locations where users can post content.

    • The official IRC chat.

    • Posts added to our official social media pages.

    The code of conduct is subject to change.

    Community Code of Conduct

    Our community standards

    1. Treating others with respect.

    2. Using inclusive or welcoming language.

    3. Respectfully debating different viewpoints - for example, discussing why you disagree with a review, instead of attacking the reviewer.

    4. When debating sensitive or controversial topics, referencing behavior (“that view seems based in racism”) versus individuals (“you’re a racist”).

    5. Showing empathy towards other community members.

    Prohibited behavior

    1. Posting sexually explicit content such as pornographic avatars or bio images, or unwelcomed sexual attention or advances.

    2. Using sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive language.

    3. Linking to or promoting content that advocates sexist, racist, transphobic, or other hateful views, such as an anti-LGBT article, a video that promotes racism, or an image or meme that conveys these themes.

    4. Politically motivated and/or pejorative name calling, trolling, or other forms of personal or political attacks.

    5. Creating a username that is sexist, racist, transphobic, or violates any of the other Code of Conduct guidelines.

    6. Threatening with or joking about sexual violence against a user, a person, or a character.

    7. Posting images or memes that glamorize and/or promote real-world violence against people or animals.

    8. Stalking, bullying, threatening, discriminating against or abusing other users.

    9. Generalizing or baiting users with inflammatory content, directly or indirectly.

    10. Publishing others’ personal information without their permission.

    11. Impersonating or plagiarizing another user, such as using their photo, username, or copying their personal information (such as a bio, recommendations or reviews, or other personal information) without their permission.

    12. Attempting to subvert, nullify, or otherwise circumvent the rules by abusing technicalities. For example, “I was just asking a question”, “It’s my opinion”, posting hypotheticals, sea lioning, gaslighting.


    You can report some types of content by using the “report” feature. If a report feature doesn’t exist for the type of content you wish to flag, you can use the Contact page. All complaints will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken. Enforcement decisions are up to the sole discretion of Anime-Planet’s administration.

    Depending on the severity of the violation, or the frequency of violations, content may be deleted, the ability to leave comments may be removed, and/or a user’s account may be banned.
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