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WeooWeoo Mar 12, 2017

Y'all are being a little harsh on him. Remember, he's dealing with many emotions. His mother passing, his grandmother got sick, and his regrets from life. Triggers can cause you to do unthinkable things. Trust me.. 

He realized in the end how important everyone was to him. He was pushing everyone away so they wouldn't be bothered by his problems. He isn't a bad guy, just someone broken. 

xKaede Nov 2, 2016

Kou is that you?

MarianaLuna26 Sep 19, 2016

Die motherfucker!!!

Edock Sep 13, 2016

It's sad that his mom died, but he treats his friends like garbage. What an asshole.

Adyth Sep 12, 2016

hes such a jerk ,he does not deserve angel like Naho ,Suwa does