Letchu, Getchu, Saru Getchu Episode 0

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Letchu, Getchu, Saru Getchu Episode 0

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The illustrious Letchu, Getchu, Saru Getchu! A true gem born from the PlayStation game Ape Escape, now bestowed upon the world in the form of computer-generated anime shorts. Prepare yourself for a pointless episode, a prequel of unparalleled insignificance to the previously mentioned TV series. Behold as it graces us with the introduction of three major characters, destined to captivate our hearts in future installments:First, we have Kakeru, or should I say Spike, a protagonist with the most awe-inspiring feature of all—spiked red hair! Truly, a pinnacle of character design that will forever be etched in our memories.Next, we encounter Natsumi, the token female lead, whose existence is crucial to the intricate narrative tapestry of this episode. Her purpose, you ask? Well, that is an enigma to be unraveled in subsequent installments, for now, let us bask in the glory of her introduction.And finally, we have the one and only Specter, the albino monkey with white spiked hair—a villain of unparalleled grandeur. Witness his malevolent presence as he graces the screen, his appearance signaling the dawning of a new era in monkey-centric antagonism.I must inform you that this episode, with all its introductions and character flourishes, holds no relevance to the 'overarching plot' of the TV show. It is but a mere collection of character snippets, a tantalising taste of what is to come. So, if you find yourself inclined to expand your list of completed anime, by all means, indulge in this inconsequential episode. However, do so with the understanding that its purpose lies solely in filling the void of idle curiosity. Revel in the pointlessness, for this episode exists merely to tantalise your senses without offering any semblance of substance or narrative cohesion. Embrace it as a testament to the boundless wonders of character introductions and add it to your list, should you feel so inclined.

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