Cosmos Pink Shock

OVA (1 ep x 36 min)
2.165 of 5 from 153 votes
Rank #7,614

At four years old, Mitsuki Hayami left Earth aboard a rocket to find something she'd lost. Now, she's seventeen and rides a pink vessel known to others as Pink Shock, breaking rules and recklessly flying through borders at her whim. Sent to stop Pink Shock is woman-hating Captain Gatsby, but he soon discovers that they might have something in common...

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unicornconspiracy Sep 2, 2011
Score 8/10

One of those so-awful-it's-epic kind of things. This 1986 science fiction anime retains that classic scifi feel with the same visuals and terminology that floated around back then. The two main characters, Mitsuki Hayami and Captain Gatsby, are both pretty epic in their own ways. The only reason for the plot lacking is because it's an old anime, and you have to allow for the different generations. But... read more



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