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Three people from the future are spiritually sent back in time to relive the era of Caesar, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. As close companions to these key historical figures, they seek to understand the nature of an enemy's plan in their own time.

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This movie is a hard one to judge. It is so outgoing with its humour that it seems to be quite chaotic in terms of storyboard. On the other hand it is making some really smart parodies around historical events and even erotic clichés that it is something worth noticing. One should approach it with the mindset that this is a well made farce and not a serious production. And would you believe it is in fact directed by Osamu Tezuka, the God of manga? People usually imagine him making only shows for kids but turns out he has also done adult works. The first thing that stands out in this movie is its animation style. It is not uniform or even steady as it sometimes drops its mainstream looks for bizarre imagery of sex. The opening and ending are also a weird blend of live action film with the heads of the actors being drawn over as cartoons. The action scenes are also made to feel neurotic as the scenes change rapidly and the colours become monochromic, while a really frantic music is playing in the background. All that easily shows that the animators were experimenting and trying all sorts of cinematics in order to make it look eye-catchy. Which is a good thing; it would be boring otherwise.Even during mainstream scenes, there is a lot of slapstick and parody going around, by shoehorning all sorts of anachronisms and twisting of historical events to keep a smile on your face all the way. Combined with the vibrant motions of the characters as well as their extreme facial grimaces, you get something that doesn’t feel dull not even for a minute.The story is as I said very chaotic and one should not try to reason it. It is basically a parody of the life of Cleopatra and just for kicks they throw in some time travellers and a funny leopard. The key events like Cleopatra seducing Julius Caesar, the role of Octavius, Mark Antony, Brutus, and of a few other historical figures is basically the same yet twisted around for laughs. I must say that people who don’t know their history will miss half the gags; this is a parody that works best when you are an educated. Thus it is a “smart” comedy of sorts. At the same time it is not ingenious as it is just mocking history and good storytelling with a completely messy line of events that ill confuse the average viewer. In all it is a very entertaining film and for its age highly artistic and different. It has a variety of themes, the animation is trippy, the characters are funny, the events are parodied in a smart way, and it has sex and violence… cartoony and trippy too but it does. It is also not a political correct movie and it is not even following anime clichés. I liked it for being different and I highly recommend it.

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