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*Regains composure*

Well. My name is Christina and I'm here for only one reason.


And I need to track all the ones I've watched.

I also happen to love anything Japanese, surprise, surpise.

I like import games.

And sushi.

And manga.

And the guys. *Drools*

My birthday is on December 10th, so remember to send lots of hugs and wishes.

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Any other business, you can reach me here:

[email protected]

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Bixie says...

Your so Welcome!

Oct 7, 2008
cameronanimeangel says...

Hi seems you are loved here as much as mee. So I give you a hug. Any way don't be shy come join us on the forums.

Oct 7, 2008
Drahken says...

Dunno, haven't watched it yet.

Also, it was only $3 big lots ftw. :p

Jul 28, 2008
Drahken says...

Heh, only took me a month & a week to notice your comment, shows how often I look at my profile. :-\  

A strange coincidence: I wound up picking up a yukikaze DVD the other day.

Jul 28, 2008
sprigganisthebest says...

Nice meet ya. Whats going down.

Jul 6, 2008