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*Regains composure*

Well. My name is Christina and I'm here for only one reason.


And I need to track all the ones I've watched.

I also happen to love anything Japanese, surprise, surpise.

I like import games.

And sushi.

And manga.

And the guys. *Drools*

My birthday is on December 10th, so remember to send lots of hugs and wishes.

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Any other business, you can reach me here:

[email protected]

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Lan Dec 23, 2008

Woo! Im getting a scanner for christmas... i think...

Lan Nov 13, 2008

hah I wasn't to sure my self that I would get around to it. lol I never been to my local library where I live...  I bet one of my friends has one anways. Till then back to relearning some computer art with GIMP! that sucks about the  peorson who stole your work :/

Lan Nov 12, 2008

hah alright so I finally got around to unpacking my art stuff to color spike... it took me a bit to get used to it again, but I got a few versions done! color pencil/oil pastels/paint... I can't upload it yet since I dont have a working scanner :(

Lan Nov 2, 2008

Ill be sure to post it up when I get around to it. Ill have to mave a deviantart account then to!

But ya its could be a bit, Halloween weekend... I'm gona need a few days to relax an return to reality :)

Lan Oct 29, 2008

Badass! :) I think I may just have to break out my Oil Pastels once again and see if I can't make a good colored rendition of it.