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Have absolutely fallen in love with anime this last year. Spent the majority of my life judging it, thought that only weirdos liked it... then I tried it... A guy in my College Dorm at University of Oregon was watching Fullmetal Alchemist in his room when I walked in. I immediately proceeded to giving him shit about watching anime, and he turned to me and said, "How are you going to walk into my room and tell me what's acceptable? What's wrong with people being able to just enjoy things in life?"

That is where my view changed, not just on anime, but on the world itself. I'm not gonna go into my worldview, if u wanna know, ur free to ask me. I will, however, go into this. I was 100% wrong and I'm sorry for everyone I had judged, I am now one of you. I decided to try Fullmetal Alchemist when i had gotten home for Summer Vacation. I had finished the series in 3 days... my interest in Anime spread like a virus from there.

Now I can't get enough of it, my favorites are those that have really good, deep stories and character development. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is by far my favorite, like head and shoulders above the rest. Part of that is because it was the series that awakened this beast inside of me, the other part is that its just that damn good. After that I have to go with Fate/Stay Night and Utawarerumono. Two shows that fell in love with and watched pretty much in one sitting. Then comes Elfen Lied... or what I like to call, the litmus test for a person's soul. I found it to be extremely angelic underneath all the nudity and gore. The message at its heart was truly beautiful.

Really stoked that I found this website because it has helped me grow my tastes exponentially, I hope to meet lots of new cool people who i can relate to, and hopefully can make up some of the things I said in the past. Cya around everybody XD


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I'm a tad harsh with my ratings, but I like it that way. If u see something on my list that you're interested and you see it only has 3 stars... Its still a fun thing to watch so don't be scared of trying it out. Also don't get mad @ my ratings because something that you believe should be 5 stars isnt 5 stars. When I say 5 stars is Absolutely Perfect... I mean it Any little thing wrong... I mean ANYTHING... and it gets bumped down to a 4.5 automatically, this does not mean that I am not fully in love with the show.

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nallyasian May 26, 2012

Haha just read your bio and I felt like I was reading your lifestory O.O

I think it's great, imo. I'm happy for you man - discovering anime like that hehe it's inspiring! Plus FMA BROHOOD is the best, so that makes you 10x awesomer haha.

How's it going? The name's Nicole, nice to meet you :) Came across your profile so I thought I'd say hi.

Raux May 3, 2012

well, i saw the first two episodes and so far i really really like it. Yeah, sometimes it's like that with short anime's. we'll see how i like it. this show reminds me a ton of toradora! and because of that, i'm really enjoying it. and the way it looks, i'm willing to bet it's the same character designer of toradora as well.... nevermind. it's not, BUT it's the same production company who did toradora!, that explains a lot of the similarities i was seeing.

Raux May 1, 2012

hahaha. i totally understand where you are coming from with the tsundere thing. but believe me when they play it different with taiga, sure she has traditional tsundere characteristics, but she isn't mean because of her not wanting a guy to know she likes him. She is just....easily tempered. by far one of my favorite characters of all time. The twists and turns that come with this show are so fucking incredible! they are so realistic (well, as realistic as an anime can be) and well thought out and the way the storyline develops is so fluid and plain refreshing.

So i guess i didn't look at your watched list as close as i thought. there are a large number of 5 stars you had that i never had seen. especially the anime you mentioned, whatsername and her 7 companions. I read up on it. and damn it. I need a good romance. you gave it five stars. so i'm starting it tonight. i'm excited.

Raux Apr 30, 2012

OK, here is my list, i'll give you around three, from there i'll learn from your input and see if there are any more that i can recomend. 

first. Steins;Gate - Judging from your tastes in fma,fma b-hood, code geass, and spice and wolf. you like great character work within a pretty complex world. You can follow plot-line, and you like surprises. Now. I am willing to bet Steins;Gate will instantly be a five star anime for you. It is absolutely amazing. Only one down side. No dubs. BUT. the voice acting is amazing nonetheless, and the day it comes out on dvd with english dubs. I dunno, i would probably stab someone for it. It is in my pedestal, my pedestal is not for everyone. but i'm confident you will love it. Steins;Gate would fall under sci-fy. set in modern japan with a side of time travel, mind blowing twists, and the best character work i have ever seen. read my review on it, it's the review i'm most proud of. won't say anything more. this anime needs to surprise you

Second. Gosick - ok, this anime has hints of spice and wolf. mixed with a little mystery, and a female character that reminds me of lelouch from code geas, and a little of light from deathnote, mixed with sherlock holms. set in the early 1900's in a fictional country between switzerland and france. The show follows the first japanese exchange student the country has ever known. He meets a very un-social girl who has an insane intelect, and they start solving mysteries together. The later half goes in a crazy direction, very insanely fast. it can throw you off. but it is one of the best anime's i've ever seen. and it is entirely entertaining.

Third. Toradora - Honestly, i see nothing on your 5 star list that i could really compare this to, except that i want to see what you think about it. It's a highschool anime, again great character work (nothing i recommend to you is going to have sub-par character work, i can promise you that) I really liked this anime, watch at least three episodes before you let yourself decide if it's not your kind of anime. I loves me a little romance, and i love seeing realistic development in relationships. It's so good. and this anime just makes you believe that life is worth living. It almost made it into my pedestal if that helps you respect it more. I don't know how you are about giving away plot (by the way, your run-down on utawarerumono was fine and you didn't need to apologize) so i kept the last two vague. better to say too little than too much, just in case you love your surprises. If you need anymore elaboration on any of them (except steins;gate, i usually don't care about surprises, but this one....i just can't) let me know and i'll let you know more. and also. i love to hear comments about certain episodes. If you want to add me as a friend on facebook. feel free. makes it easier to quickly chat about that-one-moment-that-made-you-go-bad-shit-crazy. It's been a pleasure to meet you bro!

Raux Apr 29, 2012

Hey shindigzz! i saw that you commented on my page like half a month ago and i have to apologize. Work has been pretty crazy lately and balancing my online time was getting difficult. but it's getting better. Anyway, thank you for leaving me a comment! Took a quick look at your watched list and you have some pretty good tastes. and it looks like they are developing. I love recommending anime's to others, and i already have some in my head that i think you will like. If you will give them a look, i'll tell you about them. I love meeting people on this website that i can relate with. I'm glad you enjoyed my comments. also, although i have branched out a little bit and have watched a lot of japanese subs. i will always strongly stand by english dubs. the bottom line is that i like WATCHING my anime. not reading it. although, in our american culture. we sometimes let people voice-act, who should never be recorded. ever.

so while checking out your list, I saw this anime that i've never seen, or heard of before. utawarerumono - i agreed with all of your other 5 stars, but i've never seen this one. Let me know what you thought about it. I love checking out people's favorites.