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ContractedReaper says...

If i was Sousuke i would have shot her on the fucking spot or at least punch her in the face maybe she''ll just the fuck up for fucks sake

Jul 16, 2014
Discontent says...

I'm more against her character due to how painfully generic she is, rather than how bitchy and exasperated she gets.

I mean, we've seen this exact same cookie-cutter character done... how many times?

Feb 5, 2014
CHadley says...

I love Chidori. I'm suprised people hate her so much. Honestly, how would you react if you were being stalked by some new student who continuously blows things up or pulls guns on people. Being class representative, she takes the fall when he is out of line which is quite often. You'd be a little exasperated too. 

Apr 10, 2012
lewieroo0 says...

Errrgh! God damn Chidori...Couldn't stand her guts. Sure she worked well in Fumoffu but in the first season she was such a bloody pain. Her constant mood swings never helped in any situation and Episode 5-6 sealed the deal on that. I felt so sorry for sousuke having to drag that b$#ch around.

Aug 10, 2011
JJR1971 says...

If you had to deal with Souske Sagara on a daily basis, you might be pretty bitchy, too.

The poor girl is utterly exasperated by him.  I really liked Luci's performance in The Second Raid. I think it finally got through Souske's thick skull that Kaname loves him and that he loves her.

I'm kind of "meh" about the original series, I LOVED FUMOFFU beyond words, and I thought TSR was chock full of awesome.

Jun 18, 2011