Romeo no Aoi Sora

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Nobody's Boy Remi

Nobody's Boy Remi

Eight-year-old Remi lives in a quiet village with his mother. His father, Jerome Barbarin, lives in Paris and provides the family with money to stay afloat; but soon they receive word that Jerome has been in a terrible accident and cannot support them further. After struggling through a tough winter, Remi and his mother are soon elated to see that their father has returned home - but he is not the man that he used to be. Cold and distant, Jerome soon secretly sells Remi to a traveling entertainer; and thus Remi's hardships begin. Moving from place to place, Remi experiences tragedy on a large scale. Friends come, go, and die; newfound families are torn apart; and otherwise Remi is abused, abandoned, and mistreated. Can Remi ever find his place in the world?

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sothis sothis says...

Romeo and Remi are two young boys put in an unthinkable situation: they are taken from their families and forced to work as slave labor and endure endless hardships. If tragedies involving children are your thing, look no further!

Pantha Pantha says...

Both Nobody's Boy Remi and Romeo's Blue Skies are stories in which children are suddenly and forcibly thrown into a world that is much too big for them.  Both are perhaps too lighthearted for the subject matter (although Nobody's Boy has a few truly heartbreaking moments) and both have annoyingly psychic narrators that tell the audience what's gonna happen before it's gonna happen.  Nobody's Boy is the better show, but the two shows are much too similar to enjoy one and not the other.